22 July 2022

Learning and Teaching

22 July 2022

Learning and Teaching

A warm welcome back for Term 3 and Semester 2.

It was wonderful to be able to begin this semester by recognising student achievements from Semester 1.

On Tuesday, 12 July, it was my pleasure to host, alongside our College Captain Joshua McCraith, our first Mid-Year Academic Awards Assembly. Please click here to access a gallery of images from the assembly

Alongside some wonderful presentations from the Junior School Executive, College Executive and our Sport Captain, as well as some fantastic musical performances, we acknowledged and celebrated a number of students from each year level who received commendations for their academic achievements during Semester 1.

Students who received an award on this day were selected based on teacher commendations submitted at the end of Term 2. Students were recognised for their excellence and academic endeavour, with these commendations displayed on end-of-semester reports.

College Principal, Mr Di Cesare, presented awards to students who received multiple commendations across their study program.

Reflecting on the many students I have spoken to who have achieved outstanding results over the years, and hearing about the things that kept them on the road to achieving their best, I’m pleased to be able to share some of these tips:
  1. Start early – achieving success in school is like a marathon, not a sprint, it needs to be consistent and persistent work over time, building up from as early as Year 7.
  2. Revise work from class at home every day (on top of homework) – this way you don’t have to cram hard the night before an assessment or exam.
  3. Use your class time well.
  4. Go to your teachers if you don’t understand and need to seek clarification – your teachers are there to support you and the sooner you ask for help the better you’ll be able to keep up with the work set.
  5. Set small goals – complete a set of exercises or read a chapter of a book, before checking your phone or watching the next episode of your favourite show or having a delicious treat.
  6. Read all your assessment questions and rubrics carefully.
  7. Maintain a healthy balance between school, study, relaxation and sleep.

I’d like to once again send my congratulations to all the students who received one of the Principal’s Awards. A big thank you and well done to everyone involved in delivering an outstanding celebration of academic and sporting success.

Home Study Club
A reminder to all that our Home Study Club is operating in the Library on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. The library is open until 5pm on these afternoons and teachers are available to assist and support students who need help with homework tasks or have any questions about their classwork.

We have Mathematics teachers available on both afternoons: Year 7 – 12 (including Maths Methods) support is available on Tuesday’s and a specialised Year 7 – 10 Maths teacher is available on Thursday.

2023 Subject Selection
Please check MyMC for dates and information related to 2023 subject. We are deep into the process now, and the due date for final selections is not far away!

  • Year 12, 2023 were due Thursday, 21 July
  • Year 11, 2023 are due Thursday, 28 July
  • Year 10, 2023 are due Thursday, 28 July
  • Year 9, 2023 are due Thursday, 28 July
You will need to ensure your subjects are entered into Edval by the due dates above. Edval receipts must then be uploaded to MyMC by Friday, 29 July.
Suzanne Farley
Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching