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Co-curricular and extension programs

Learning isn’t limited to the classroom. We strive for our students to be connected to the world beyond our classrooms in a variety of ways, through our co-curricular activities. All students must participate in at least one co-curricular activity each year.

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co-curricular and extension programs


The College offers a broad co-curricular Sport Program through our membership with the Associated Grammar Schools of Victoria (AGSV) and the Victoria Schools Rugby Union (VSRU).

  • Our summer sports include: Basketball, Cricket, Squash, Tennis and Volleyball.
  • Our winter sports include: Cross Country, Football, Hockey, Rugby and Soccer
  • Other sports include: Swimming, Athletics and Golf.

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Our Sporting Principles

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Bands and Ensembles

In addition to Music classes at Years 7 and 8, students at Marcellin College are fortunate to be offered a robust co-curricular program onsite as well as one that extends their learning beyond the classroom.

They include:

  • Jazz Band
  • Ensembles
  • Choir
  • Productions – Junior and Senior
  • Internal Performances
  • External Performances, Festival and Competition Involvement
  • Private Instrumental Tuition

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Music Flyer
Music Tuition Form

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The Arts

All students are encouraged to develop their creative and design thinking, curiosity and abilities. The College has formed a strong relationship with Our Lady of Mercy College (OLMC) to create M2 Theatre Company – with two annual productions. Students can also join the media team and work with the Community Engagement team to deliver our annual publications.

Find out more about M2 Production Company in partnership with Our Lady of Mercy, Heidelberg.

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co-curricular and extension programs

Debating and Public Speaking

Debating develops self-confidence, fluency and teamwork. The College has teams competing in the School Competitions of the Debating Association of Victoria, as well as students entering as individuals.

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co-curricular and extension programs

Chess Club

Chess improves cognitive skills such as concentration, problem solving and critical thinking. Students are coached by an International Chess Master and participate in tournaments against other schools throughout the year. The Chess Club is a friendly, inclusive and supportive environment offering opportunities to represent the College and meet new friends.

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co-curricular and extension programs

Faith in Action

Engaging in Christian service is a practical way to put our faith into action and, in the spirit of St Marcellin Champagnat, helps our students to become ‘good Christians and good citizens’. Central to our Catholic Marist faith is embracing the Church’s call to serve those in need and work for justice and peace. Our young men are offered rich and extensive opportunities to become involved with a range of social justice activities that invite them to respect the dignity of each person, especially those at the margins of society, and which promote sensitivity, justice and compassion to all.

Students respond to the call of St Marcellin Champagnat by being a presence in the lives of others through simplicity during ministry and community service programs at the College and in the broader community. To further commit to supporting others in the community, each House dedicates time to teach, advocate and be charitable to a range of local, national and international Catholic ministries and charities.

Students from Years 7 to 12 are able to participate in Game Changers, which is a comprehensive Youth Ministry Program for students. Highlighted by a strong sense of community, students participate in faith in action programs within their school, homes and local neighbourhood.

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co-curricular and extension programs

Tournament of the Minds

Tournament of the Minds is an International Education Program for our gifted and talented students, challenging them to develop creative problem-solving skills. Students are invited to engage in a range of fun, open-ended practice challenges designed to foster cooperative learning and teamwork, encourage experimentation, stimulate inquiry and expand creative and divergent thinking.

co-curricular and extension programs


Students in Years 7 and 8 participate in 3-day camp. In addition to building relationships between students and teachers, our camps assist in developing an understanding and relationship to nature through varied outdoor experiences. Students develop skills and knowledge to safely participate in activities with respect to our diverse environments.

Subject-based camps also take place throughout the year including Languages, Visual Arts, Science and Humanities.

In addition to students who undertake courses in Outdoor Education can participate in the following camps:

  • Year 8 Coastal Camp
  • White Water Rafting Camp
  • Rock Climbing and Abseiling Camp
  • Alpine Mountain Bike Camp
  • Scuba Camp
  • Sailing Camp
  • VCE - Outdoor and Environmental Camps
  • Snow Trip
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co-curricular and extension programs

International Programs

The College offers a number of exchange programs and cultural immersion experiences throughout the year that support our languages curriculum. These include:

Educational tours to Italy, Indonesia and China
Exchange programs to Italy (Cosenza), Indonesia and China
Exchange program to Sardinia
Australian/Indonesian Bridging Program

As well as various excursions to improve and broaden our student’s study of their chosen language across all year levels.

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