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Year 7 Transition Program

Year 7 transition program

Marcellin College recognises the transition from primary school to secondary school is a highly significant event in the lives of our students and their families.

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Year 7 Transition Program

While the transition for most of our students is an exciting time, it can be overwhelming for others, especially if your son is the only one coming from his primary school.

In recognition of this, our Transition Program has been developed specifically for boys in Year 6 and aims to ease the level of anxiety as they transition to secondary school. Boys are also encouraged to develop positive relationships with key staff members and their new friends.

Our Transition Program includes a Transition Day, as well as a Pre-Transition Day, and has been developed to assist students adjust socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually to their new life at Marcellin College.

These include:

  • Primary School Visits
  • Pre-Transition Day
  • Transition Day
  • Orientation Program
  • Year 7 Orientation Camp
  • Induction and Commissioning Mass
  • House Liturgies