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Gifted & Talented Program

gifted and talented

Our program provides high-achieving students with a challenging and stimulating learning experience. With tailored support and individualised learning plans, our experienced educators help students reach their full potential.

gifted and talented


SOAR is Marcellin College’s gifted and talented program for students in Year 7. SOAR enables high achieving and dedicated students to be challenged academically, providing a pathway that meets their specific needs. SOAR promotes high achievement and is delivered through a rigorous curriculum which aims to increase the depth and breadth of the content through a stimulating and tailored learning environment.

SOAR is designed to accelerate and enrich students who share a ‘roll up your sleeves’ attitude, passion and commitment to strive for the highest. Selected students who enter the program have exceptional abilities across several disciplines and are highly motivated to reach their full potential.

Students explore and experience authentic and deep learning that challenges their thinking and broadens knowledge. SOAR aims to allow students to work 6 to 12 months ahead of those who are not in the accelerated program and are encouraged to go on to the VCE and university subjects earlier than their normal Year 11.

This includes early start to Units 1&2, the potential to do a university subject in Year 12 and the support to gain an early offer of a university placement. To learn more about SOAR, please view the SOAR Flyer.