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Our Care

our care

We believe in nurturing not just the minds, but the hearts of our students. Our commitment to pastoral care means that we treat each individual with the respect, kindness, and attention they deserve, creating a safe and supportive environment for them to thrive in.

Our Care

Student Wellbeing

Marcellin College provides a comprehensive wellbeing curriculum, which supports our boys throughout their journey at the College. Boys are taught skills and knowledge regarding self-regulation, student agency and leadership, cyber citizenship, resilience, restorative practices, reflection, growth mindset and how to be a good man. Our Wellbeing Program enables us to build positive relationships and partnerships with our students, their families and the broader community.

Our Care

House & Pastoral System

Marcellin College has a well-developed and inclusive vertical House system which provides opportunities for authentic student leadership and regular activities that promote connectedness, social justice and community. The Houses form part of each young man’s identity and sense of belonging to our community.

Our intention for each young man is that he enters – and leaves – the College under the guidance of a single House Leader and a single Pastoral Leader for their six years at the College.

The House system also assists students to develop relationships with those in other year levels, allowing students to forge new friendships and experience a more settled transition. There are eight Houses and within each House seven Pastoral Groups, each supported by a House Leader who works collaboratively with all House staff to support the wellbeing of each student. The House Leader along with the Pastoral Leaders are responsible for the overall holistic development and management of each young man, with the Pastoral Leader becoming the primary contact with the home. These groups are frequently referred to as families and often become quite closely bonded.

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Pastoral Care Program

Our Pastoral Care Program focuses on respectful relationships and provides learning experiences for each young man that address issues pertinent to their stage of life such as mental health, safe socialising, positive coping, stress management, respect for diversity and responsible citizenship. We have also embedded a Respectful Relationships Program to promote and model respect, positive attitudes and behaviours that is delivered by year level.

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Student Leadership

We are proud to develop leadership skills in students across all year levels. Our young men are asked to promote, foster and encourage others to take on roles of leadership, responsibility and commitment to Marcellin College. We want students to have a strong voice, and an opportunity to serve the College, advocate for their peers and support our staff. There are a variety of leadership opportunities for students across our junior and senior levels. We believe that such roles enable students to gain valuable leadership experiences, grow in confidence and become responsible citizens and positive role models for others.

We also offer workshops for all young men in our community to develop their leadership skills. In these programs, our students collaborate with experienced leaders within and outside the community, whilst also networking with other Catholic schools.

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Our Care

Child Safety and Respectful Relationships

All members of the Marcellin College community have a responsibility to ensure a safe and supportive environment that assists in our students’ growth, positive self-esteem and attitude towards others. This means that each person has the right to feel emotionally, physically, socially and mentally safe.

Marcellin College is committed to the protection of all children from all forms of abuse and demonstrates this commitment through the implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Program designed to keep children safe. We have a zero tolerance for any form of abuse and are committed to acting in children’s best interests and keeping them safe from harm. The College regards is committed to providing the necessary resources to ensure compliance with all relevant child protection laws and regulations and maintain a child safe culture.

The Catholic Education Commission of Victoria (CECV) has developed a ‘Commitment Statement to Child Safety’, which can be found via the link below, in addition to the College’s Child Safeguarding Principles:

Commitment Statement to Child Safety

Marcellin College Child Safeguarding Principles

The College has appointed Child Protection Officers who are available to answer any questions that families may have with respect to our Child Protection and Safety Policy and the Child Protection Program, as well as providing a point of contact for students.

Marcellin College Child Protection Officers

Our Care


Our qualified and experienced Counsellors understand the issues young men face during their important formative years at school. They are available to work with students and families on any challenges that may arise during their time at the College. They also oversee a range of programs for students with effective study habits and techniques to manage their final years effectively.



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