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Secondary boys college Est. in 1950

Book & Resources

books & resources

The College provides students with access to all the resources they need to excel in their studies at every year level and subject, including digital and online platforms.

Books & Resources

Books & Resources Lists

At Marcellin College, we have a comprehensive list of textbooks and stationary requirements for our students, which can be easily accessed through our school management system, Compass.

The College’s preferred textbook supplier is Campion Education.


As a notebook school, Marcellin College provides laptops to students in Year 7 and 10. These laptops are designed to service their educational needs for 3 years. The school has its own IT support staff who are readily available to assist students at the help desk located in the library. We strive to provide the necessary tools and resources to ensure students have a successful and fulfilling learning experience at Marcellin College.


Compass is a valuable online application that provides access to important information about your child's progress and our College. Regularly accessing Compass is highly recommended to ensure that you don't miss out on crucial updates or news. This application includes various features such as communication with your child's teachers, viewing of their timetable and school calendar, monitoring of homework and assessment tasks, downloading of progress and semester reports, booking of parent-teacher conferences, and providing parental permission for events and excursions.