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Faith & Mission Report - Welcome to a New Year

Marist Theme for 2024

I would like to extend a warm welcome to all College families and friends for 2024.

The 2024 Marist Theme is: First Light – Reveal the Spirit. This theme centres on the recognition of the world and our lives as the space where God's Spirit is present and discovered. Drawing from the biblical notion that God's first words were, Let there be light, the text suggests that the beauty and goodness found in the world manifest God's Spirit. This divine presence can be experienced in various ways, from the gentleness of a breeze to dramatic bursts of light, or even in small acts of kindness. Even in the darkest times, the smallest light within us can shine brightly and transform everything into light.

This light is the dwelling of the Holy Spirit within each person. By recognising the goodness and beauty within ourselves, we become a source of God's light for the world. The transformative power of God's Spirit is highlighted through the words of St. Paul, encouraging each and every one of us to become aware of the goodness within and allow it to emerge. The Holy Spirit illuminates our minds and hearts, transforms lives and makes God's presence known in both extraordinary and ordinary encounters.

Induction Mass
Last week, we celebrated our Induction Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral, officiated by Archbishop Peter Comensoli. On this significant occasion, we welcomed to our College all students who are joining Marcellin College for the first time and to mark the beginning of a significant journey in the lives of these young men, as we gathered in prayer, reflection, and celebration.

Commencement Mass
Yesterday, the College community gathered to celebrate our Commencement Mass, celebrated by Fr Steven Rigo, parish priest of St Thomas the Apostle, Greensborough North; St Mary’s, Greensborough; and Sacred Heart, Diamond Creek. During the Mass, which preceded the High Achievers’ Assembly, Fr Phuong blessed and commissioned our College Captains and all other Student Captains in the College as they undertake the role of leader in 2024.

Our Marist Heart
At the Commencement Mass, we also introduced into the College community a new artifact which will become part of our Marist story here at Marcellin College: our Marist Heart. The heart spirituality is a symbol deeply embedded in Marist tradition and so holds a special place in our heritage. In his writings,  our founder, St. Marcellin Champagnat, continually invited his followers to embrace what he called a 'heart spirituality': Like Mary, who formed and carried the heart of Jesus, we too are called to bring Christ-life to birth through the way in which we live in community and live our love in action.

St Marcellin commenced a tradition of enclosing the names of the Brothers, staff and students within a specially made heart – we present to you our new Marist Heart which will have enclosed the names of all our students and staff. May our Marist Heart serve as a constant reminder of the love and care that envelops each member of our community, fostering a sense of belonging, and of being known and loved.

Geralyn McCarthy,
Deputy Principal Faith & Mission

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