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Principal's Blog 23 February 2024

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,

Our students are settling in well as they begin to establish their routines for 2024. However, the weather has been anything but routine! From heavy downpours and wild winds to sweltering heat this week, it is important that the boys remain attentive to the conditions. We have placed a high priority on student safety, issuing regular announcements to remind them to stay hydrated, use sunscreen available from student services and seek shade when outside.

Our Year 12 students completed their retreats last week and it was a privilege to spend time with them at their various sites. Despite the unexpected challenges posed by some severe storms, which resulted in power outages at two of our scheduled sites, the resilience and spirit of our community shone through. Thanks to the swift action and dedication of Ms D'Intinosante, we secured two alternative venues on the very day the retreats were to commence. Her efforts ensured that our students' experience remained uninterrupted, allowing them to engage in self-reflection and personal growth. Thank you to those who led the retreats and worked with our students. And to our alumni who also attended and supported the Class of 2024 on this important formative experience.

We also saw our Year 7 students venture out on their first camp together. When I visited them, there were some tired eyes as they prepared to share a meal together. The camp was abuzz with activities, conversations and laughter as students laid the foundations for lifelong friendships and memories. I chuckled as a few boys asked me if I was going to try the flying fox across the lake…needless to say, I was unable to make it to the start of that activity!

It will be important for our community to continue to speak out against the newly imposed payroll tax for what will be an increasing number of schools. Our College is moving closer to the $15,000 figure that the Victorian Government has set – without indexation – on all schools across Victoria. Mr Moloney (Deputy Principal Staff) and I attended a dialogue session with the alternative government of Victoria, Mr John Pesutto, Leader of the Victorian Opposition and Shadow Minister for Multicultural Affairs, alongside Mr Brad Rowswell, Shadow Treasurer and Ms Jess Wilson, Shadow Minister for Education and Finance. These interactions are crucial as we advocate for our College's interests, particularly concerning the Victorian Government's payroll tax.

As we move into the last weeks of our Summer Sport program we wish all our teams the best as they finish the season. Also to the many families who continue to support our boys on Saturdays, it’s wonderful to see the community spirit shining brightly again.

I have enjoyed meeting with parents and carers from different year levels at the recent morning teas our community team have put together. I welcome everyone's attendance and the opportunity to listen to you and share more about what is coming up at the College including building works and program updates. More information about the upcoming year level morning teas can be found below.

God bless.

Marco Di Cesare

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