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Principal's Blog 21 July 2023

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,

Our students have returned to Semester 2 with positive energy and enthusiasm. We have started our 2024 subject selection process and I have been impressed with the way our boys have taken advantage of our course selection night and sessions. It can be a daunting process for some of our students as they navigate their pathway and career choices. Please encourage your son to ask questions and take advantage of the many staff that can assist them as they plan for 2024.

Over the semester break, I had the privilege of attending the International Boys’ School Coalition Conference in New Zealand. I attended many workshops and heard from several inspirational speakers. Graham Henry was one speaker who left me thinking about our boys and Marcellin College. Graham Henry is celebrated as a rugby coaching legend in New Zealand and internationally, and his achievements have cemented his place in rugby history as one of the sport's most accomplished and respected figures. He was also a former principal and deputy principal of boys’ schools. Graham challenged us to focus on culture in our schools and to have students understand that in all that we do it is about the team and not always about the individual. He asserted that whether it is in rugby or school, it is important to mentor our younger players or students and that we should learn from adversity, while allowing others to see our vulnerability. Importantly, Graham spoke about always being ready for the unexpected while always keeping our sense of humour. 

At Marcellin College, we need to continue to take advantage of the opportunities that an all boys’ education offers. Graham Henry and many of the speakers demonstrated this and it is something that we are working towards at our College as we work to develop our new Continuous School Improvement Plan for 2024 - 2028. I am grateful to the parents, staff and students who have made themselves available for this process and I have been buoyed by the feedback we have received so far. 

As we begin Semester 2 of 2023, it is important that we reflect on the successes of the first half of 2023. Earlier this morning we celebrated the achievements of many of our student in our Mid-Year Awards Assembly. My congratulations to everyone who achieved their best last semester.

I also acknowledge our parental support as we continue to rebuild a culture where learning and striving for excellence are at the heart of this great College.

God Bless,

Marco Di Cesare

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