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Principal's Blog 5 May 2023

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,

This week saw us gathering together to remember and acknowledge those who fought for our country's freedom and independence. Our liturgy and assembly allowed us to feel, hear and see that ANZAC Day is a time to remember and recognise service and sacrifice. We heard from Gerry Sexton, a former parent and long-time supporter of the College about his experiences of war.  Gerry, who is 101 years old, shared what serving Australia meant to him and I am grateful for his time and effort. You can watch a recording of his video here. The many  women and men who served our country, strived for the highest, risking their lives to protect our country and the values that we hold dear.

ANZAC Day is more than just a remembrance of the past. It is also a time that we can use to reflect on our own lives and how we can strive for the highest in our own endeavours. Whether it is in our studies, our involvement in the many offering of our cocurricular program or personal relationships, we can always push ourselves to be better and to achieve more. 

Over the term break, I had the privilege of going on a trip to Fiji with our College’s rugby team. It was an incredible experience and reminded me of the importance of teamwork, dedication and commitment in achieving our goals. The team worked together, supported each other, and pushed themselves to be the best that they could be. It wasn’t about who was the best, but rather, about how we could all work together to ensure that the team improved to be stronger and better. 

In the same way, we can all strive for the highest in our own lives by working together and committing ourselves to our goals. We can support each other, push ourselves, and never give up, even when things get tough. We can show the same dedication and commitment, the same heart that the Anzacs did, and honour their legacy by striving for the highest in our own lives.

Tonight is opening night of Rock of Ages, our senior musical that we co-host with Our Lady of Mercy College in Heidelberg. I was fortunate to attend one of the last rehearsals and our students across the two colleges have worked hard to present a professional and polished production. My thanks to Mrs Judith Weir, Principal of OLMC for her continued support of our M2 Theatre Company productions. A special vote of thanks to Ms Michelle Bellis for overseeing the production and to all the staff involved for your hard work. 

This term has also seen us return with clear expectations across the College. I encourage parents to continue speaking to their son/s about our class and homework expectations, hair and uniform expectations and our expectations around behaviour and support for and of one another. At Marcellin College, we will continue to strive for the highest, both inside and outside of the classroom. We opened our new Chirat Learning Centre this term and we are finalising our plans for the Placidus Centre Library. This will be an exciting project as we revitalise this space. So, as we remember the Anzacs and their sacrifice, let us also reflect on our own lives and how we can strive for the highest. Let us work together, push ourselves, show heart and never give up, so that we too can make a difference in our own lives and the lives of others.

God Bless.

Marco Di Cesare

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