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The Marcellin College Foundation oversees the College’s Bursaries. It was established to accept tax-deductible donations to provide funding for our bursary program.


St Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund

St Marcellin believed we need to look after the young, especially the most neglected and the poor. By this, we offer a way to break the cycle of poverty and provide opportunities for hope. For so many boys in the surrounding catchment, an education at Marcellin College would not be possible. This is where the assistance of the St Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund can provide this opportunity. To continually offer these opportunities, we rely on the remarkable and generous support of our community.

Carnie Award

The Carnie Award was established in 2022 and in honour of the College’s much-loved chaplain Father John Carnie. It was established as a more comprehensive bursary to a limited number of students to overcome barriers to achievement created by social and economic advantage with a nominal contribution from the family. These recipients must be endorsed by their primary school principal, parish priest or through various Marist networks as part of their enrolment application process.

The disbursement and governance of the funds is overseen by the Foundation Board and its Directors, who assess the need and feasibility of each applicant. We are so pleased to be able to contribute to and support these very worthwhile individuals to either continue or begin their time at Marcellin College.

Leave a Bequest

Bequests are an important way of giving a student the opportunity to attend Marcellin College and to experience all that it has to offer. There is no greater gift than the gift of education. Whether large or small, a bequest can help reflect in death what has been important to you in life.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a gift specified in your Will. It is an instruction contained within your Will that part or all of your estate be given to a particular beneficiary, whether a person or an organisation. A bequest is an opportunity for you to make a tangible and lasting gift without affecting your financial situation during your lifetime. Often, a bequest is the largest gift that someone will ever make, but it can also be relatively modest. Whether large or small, a bequest can help reflect in death what has been important to you in life. It can serve as a testimony to your values and beliefs.

What types of bequests are there?

There are different options for including a bequest to Marcellin College in your Will, depending on your preferences and wishes.

Specific Bequest

In your Will, you could make a gift of a sum of money or a specific asset (e.g. a property, shares or other items).

Residuary Bequest

Alternatively, in your Will, you could provide for a ‘residuary bequest’ and give either a percentage or the whole of what is left of your estate after all of your other wishes have been carried out and expenses in finalising your estate have been met.

What happens to my bequest?

Your executor of your Will would contact the College so that we can start working together to fulfil your wishes. A bequest can be ‘named’ or made anonymously. Marcellin College could ensure that ongoing generations are aware of your generosity and the impact you have made through your gift, or alternatively you may choose to remain anonymous.

What is the quickest and easiest way to make a bequest?

If you already have a Will, you may make a codicil to include Marcellin College Limited. A codicil is a document that amends, rather than replaces, a previously executed Will. A codicil must be signed and witnessed with the same formalities as those used in the original Will’s preparation. We recommend that you consult a solicitor before making a Will or a codicil.

If I decide to make a bequest, do I need to contact Marcellin College?

By informing the Marcellin College about your bequest, you enable us to thank you in your lifetime.


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