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Understanding that our Catholic faith is the foundation from which all elements of our College grow, we realise that at its very core, student leadership is therefore fundamentally about respect – for self, the other and for our community. Affording young men the opportunity in which to develop this understanding is an essential part of their personal growth.

We believe it is important for each young man to encounter leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn the art of developing capabilities around forming positive relationships, defining identities and achieving tasks effectively. These capabilities also include affective and cognitive skills development, such as communication, empathy and the demonstration of self-confidence.

Student leadership at Marcellin is authentic, engaging and empowering. In our inclusive faith learning community, we have created structures and opportunities which support the cultivating of character, competence and confidence. Essentially, we light the candle, allowing our young men to share the flame and light their own paths for the future.

There are a variety of leadership opportunities for students in the Junior and Senior schools at Marcellin College, either at College or House level, in ministry, academic and sport or via various ambassador roles. Student leaders have an increased sense of responsibility to help others, co-produce our College, and are positive role models for others within the wider community. Trust, autonomy and relationships are enhanced through the development of leadership capabilities. Comprehensive programs around shared vision, transparency, congruency, collaboration, delivery, the power of vulnerability and presentation skills have been central in our support of young men and their leadership formation.

Beyond formal leadership opportunities students at Marcellin have the opportunity to experience leadership at the College through the following avenues:

  • Through a curriculum approach that fosters character, citizenship and enterprise thinking
  • The challenges of striving for excellence via how they learn, academic growth and achievement
  • Opportunities to lead success with peers in the classroom, on sporting fields and on the stage

Student leadership is not simply about giving students the opportunity to communicate ideas and opinions; it is about students having the power to influence change and make a difference in their school, community and the world. Young men at Marcellin learn the importance of Christian service and actively contribute to local and global communities. Our young men use these skills to encourage and celebrate diversity and enhance social participation and awareness, in pursuit of a more just and forgiving world.

Student Wellbeing Program

Marcellin College has a lively and inclusive vertical House system which provides opportunities for authentic student leadership and regular and friendly competitions and activities. The Houses form part of each young man’s identity and sense of belonging to our community.

Our intention for each young man is that he enters – and leaves – the College under the guidance of a single House Leader and a single Pastoral Leader for his 6-year term at the College. Benefits include the rapport and positive relationships which are established. In principle, the Pastoral Leader:

  • Establishes a rapport with both the students in his/her care, as well as with the students’ parents
  • Monitors and responds to students’ social, emotional and academic needs
  • Maintains the primary ‘link’ between the parent(s) and College to address any matters of family/parental concern to/from the students’ teachers

The House system also assists students to develop relationships with those in other year levels, allowing young men to forge new friendships and experience a more settled transition. There are ten Houses and within each House six Pastoral Groups, each supported by a House Leader who works collaboratively with all House staff. The House Leader along with the Pastoral Leaders are responsible for the overall holistic development and management of each young man, with the Pastoral Leader becoming the primary contact with the home. These groups are frequently referred to as families and often become quite closely bonded.

The College provides a comprehensive Student Wellbeing Program which supports our boys as they enter and until they exit the College. Boys are taught skills and knowledge regarding self-regulation, student agency and leadership, cyber citizenship, resilience, restorative practices, reflection and growth mindset, and how to be a good man. The College values positive relationships and partnerships between the College, the home and the broader community.

We also offer workshops for all young men in our community to develop their leadership skills and work with experienced leaders in and outside of the community, whilst also networking with other Catholic schools.


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