11 February 2022

Principal's Blog

11 February 2022

Principal's Blog

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community,

First, a very warm welcome to the start of the 2022 academic year. I always enjoy the energy that comes with a new school year. Staff return and spend time meeting and planning for the year, our new Year 7 students joining this great community with a sense of anticipation and probably a few nerves. When all year levels return there is a buzz across the College as various groups meet up and share stories of their time away from school. Before we know it, we are at the end of the second week as we settle into the rhythm of school life.

On Thursday, 10 February we held our Commissioning and High Achievers Assembly and welcomed back many from the Class of 2021. It was an opportunity for us to congratulate and acknowledge individual achievement while also celebrating the achievements of the whole class of 2021. It was also an important assembly for our new student leaders whom we have asked to lead us throughout 2022. We also launched our College theme for the year – (re)Connect, Respect, Grow.

Given the last two years, we will focus on (re)connecting:

  • With each other
  • With old and new friends
  • Teachers and support staff
  • Opportunities within and outside of the classroom
  • Your faith and the teachings of Jesus
  • Things that make you smile and bring you joy
  • A novel and the things you love
  • What makes this school special
  • And why you choose to come here


  • Each other
  • Our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters
  • For those who don’t like us or speak like us or pray like us
  • The females in our lives who make us better men
  • The old, the young, the frail and homeless
  • Minorities and those who are vulnerable in our communities
  • Sexualities and life choices
  • Diversity
  • Our environment


  • To be better than today
  • In knowing what’s possible and what you are capable of doing
  • To strive for something higher
  • In your learning every day – it’s the small things that add up
  • Your ability to be a better person
  • In your commitment to becoming a better staff member, student, musician, athlete, scholar or friend.

As we work through this year, I am confident that together we will live out our theme to Connect, Respect, Grow.

We enter what is hopefully a more ‘normal’ year, I do encourage all members of our community to embrace all that is great about Marcellin College. We are good, because we do good – our students, staff and families.

May God bless each of you as we embark on this journey together and strive for the highest so we can be the best we are called to be.

Marco Di Cesare