11 February 2022

Deputy Principal's Report - Student Wellbeing

11 February 2022

Deputy Principal's Report - Student Wellbeing

Welcome to 2022

It has been an exciting and busy start to the year. Over the past week, we have welcomed our newest members of our community, Year 7 students. Each student has been supported by their Pastoral and House Leader and a senior student buddy to assist them to transition into high school as smoothly as possible. Students were also welcomed at our High Achievers’ Assembly, where they were led in by their House Captains. We are confident that in the coming weeks and months ahead, all of our Year 7 students will come to know and experience the wonderful opportunities Marcellin College has to offer both within and beyond the classroom. We also look forward to our Year 7 students having an opportunity to connect in a camp like experience later this year.

We also welcome two new members of the Student Wellbeing Team here at the College. Mr Phillip Kamay returns as Director of Students and Ms Tayla Silis joins us as Redden House Leader. We wish them both the very best as they begin their new roles.

In addition to welcoming students, ensuring everyone knows where their classes are, has a locker and is generally settling into school smoothly, we have also been working on the launch of our Resilience, Rights and Respectful Relationships (Respectful Relationships) program. This program will run during Pastoral each Wednesday in a specific time known as Wellbeing Wednesday. This program aims to provide an age-appropriate environment for our students to develop their skills in problem solving, positive coping and stress management. It will also enable our staff to facilitate safe discussions about issues that are pertinent to young people in our modern world including gender and identity, citizenship, gaming and many more. We look forward to the potential that this program has to enhance the culture of respect here at Marcellin College and the potential possibility it brings to contribute more broadly to the betterment of the wider community.

In Years 9 and 10, we have also launched our new Personal Development Program in collaboration with Elevate Education, Students develop their skills in time management, organisation, and study habits. It is our aim that in building these skills, our students will be better placed to manage their academic commitments and perform at their best in all aspects of their lives.

We held our first Year 7 Parent Information Evening on Thursday, 10 February. To view the recording, click here. We know that positive transitions into Year 7 or simply moving up a year level do take time, patience and often a little support. Therefore, we encourage both parents and students to seek the support of our Pastoral Care Team here at Marcellin College. Our team is keen to support each student to feel safe and happy at school and of course to maximise their learning. Whilst key members of this team are listed here, we also encourage you to liaise with the Pastoral Leader and/or subject teacher in the first instance.

Finally, a reminder to all to be COVID Safe. Students must wear a face mask, over their nose, when indoors, keep windows and doors open where possible, maintain good hygiene and social distancing and do not attend school if you are showing any symptoms. Rapid Antigen Tests have been provided. Please refer to communications on MyMC for more information about these.

All the best for a successful and safe 2022.


Rocky Gentile

Deputy Principal Student Wellbeing