22 July 2022

Deputy Principal - Student Wellbeing

22 July 2022

Student Wellbeing

Welcome Back

As usual at Marcellin, Term 3 has hit the ground running with our Year 12 students heading off on their retreats and all other students resuming their Semester 2 classes. Pastoral Leaders have also continued with our Respectful Relationships Program and engaged students across all year levels in dialogue about respect, connection and personal growth. We look forward to our middle years’ students sharing their learnings in these areas with some of our parents at our forum night later this year.

This week’s article by Michael Grose, focuses on quiet students. Students who are quiet or introverted can sometimes struggle to express their thoughts and opinions. The article provides some wonderful insights for parents and teachers about how to work with young people who may be more introverted so that they can maximise their potential.

When meeting with parents and students, student motivation is often the missing ingredient in a young person meeting their potential. However, fear not, Elevate Education are addressing this very topic in their upcoming parent webinar. The topics to be covered include:

  • What impact does praise and reassurance have on your child’s motivation?
  • What are the best types of goals to be setting with your child?
  • How can you help your child create meaningful and lasting motivation?

I know that these sessions are often well attended and I hope that you will find great insights in this one. You can register here.

Hair and Uniform
Pastoral and House Leaders and College staff will be working with our students to ensure that they are meeting Marcellin College’s expectations around their presentation at school and when in uniform. As such, I remind parents of the expectations that our community has around hair, jewellery and the correct wearing of the uniform. We seek your supporting in ensuring that each student is supported to meet these clear College norms.

As we continue to manage our return to school in the light of pandemic, we understand that as we move through winter, our staff and students’ likelihood of being exposed to COVID-19 and other respiratory illnesses will increase. As such, we remind students to continue to partake in the Rapid Antigen Testing (RATs) program and to remain at home if they have symptoms of COVID-19. We also remind students that mask wearing is strongly recommended when indoors at schools and compulsory on public transport. All students will be provided with more RAT tests in Pastoral next week.

Rocky Gentile
Deputy Principal – Student Wellbeing