Saint Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund

In the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagnat

In a school setting, our family spirit stands in contrast to an assembly-line or results-oriented education which does not respect the dignity and need of each young person. On the contrary, we give preferential attention to those whose needs are greatest, who are most deprived, or who are going through hard times.

We acknowledge and accept that the vast majority of parents and guardians make sacrifices to provide their boys with a Marcellin education. However, it never has or will be the College’s desire that parents or guardians reach the point of financial distress to meet the cost of sending their boys to Marcellin. 

To assist with affordability of tuition fees, the College is continuing with its bursary program in 2022. Our aim is that the recipients of this bursary will be families that would experience financial distress to pay their Marcellin school fees in the absence of some form of assistance. 

As the College only has limited funds available, parents should not work on the assumption that the bursary will cover the costs of providing a Marcellin education in entirety. Rest assured that the College is doing its best to alleviate as much of the pressure that it can on families struggling financially. 

Following a review of all applications and based on the amount of the available bursary pool, the College will determine the maximum percentage of gross family income that any family will pay in Marcellin tuition fees. We will then waive the part of the fees that exceed that percentage. The amount of fees waived will be the bursary. In addition, when making decisions on the allocation of the bursary, the College will consider factors such as asset base, number of dependents and how tuition fees have been prioritised in the family budget relative to other expenses. 

It is a condition of the bursary that all successful applicants will enter into a payment arrangement to allow the College to administer a direct debit to a bank account or credit card for the payment of the remaining fees balance. The bursary will only be available to families who provide their banking details and enter into a payment arrangement for the balance of their 2022 tuition fees. 

In the interests of equity with full fee paying families, bursary recipients are not eligible to participate in paid co-curricular activities such as private music and public speaking lessons and overseas and interstate trips. 

Applications are sought from all families whose payment of Marcellin fees exceeds 11% of their gross family income. However there is no commitment that this will be the trigger point for entitlement to a bursary or that any application will be successful. 

How do I apply? 

Step 1: Complete the self-assessment section on page 1 of the application form. 

This will help you to decide if you should lodge an application. 

Step 2: Complete the Bursary Application form and attach all relevant documents. 

Step 3: Submit the application at the College Office. 

It should be placed in a sealed envelope marked PRIVATE & CONFIDENTIAL and addressed to the Accounts Receivable Officer.