The College is committed to continually moving forward as an inclusive faith learning community. Our School Improvement Plan 2019 – 2021 has been formed with consideration to a number of key reviews at the College alongside the recommendations of the ACER NSIT. 

This plan places learning at the centre of the next phase in our long history as we continue to re-imagine opportunities for each young man in our care discover their possibility.


Goal: To improve understanding of the Catholic faith tradition that underpins our Catholic Marist College community.


Goal: To commit to a safe and supportive environment which fosters growth, self-awareness, identity and positive relationships, ensuring that all individuals are valued and have a sense of belonging.


Goal: To establish an agreed and overarching pedagogical framework for the College to improve student learning outcomes.


Goal: To embed a culture of high performance and continuous school improvement.


Goal: To foster a community of connectedness, sustainability and responsible financial and resource management.