In 2018 the College worked in partnership with the Australian Council of Educational Research (ACER) Committed to Excellence program by commissioning a National School Improvement Tool (NSIT) Review into the provision of learning and teaching. Much of the NSIT Review findings shaped the formation of our Strategic Improvement Plan 2019 – 2021 and in 2019 we commenced implementation of year one of our new vision, titled Marcellin 2020 | A New Story. This new story is enlivened through five dimensions – Catholic, Care, Connection, Culture and Community.

The following is an insight into some of the initiatives and strategies which the College will develop over the next 12 months in response to Marcellin 2020, the review process and to the changing educational landscape.

Our Aim
As a Catholic community foster an inclusive culture that enables students to access learning designed for explicit growth and achievement.

Catholic – Dimension goal: To improve understanding of the Catholic faith tradition that underpins our Catholic Marist College community
Throughout 2019 the College will undertake a review of induction processes and staff formation opportunities
to clarify that our College’s mission is to enliven the Catholic faith tradition through a Marist lens. We will also review recruitment processes to enhance likelihood that staff are committed to supporting and nourishing the Catholic tradition of our community.

Care – Dimension goal: To commit to a safe and supportive environment which fosters growth, self-awareness, identity and positive relationships, ensuring that all individuals are valued and have a sense of belonging.
In 2019 we will review staff and student understanding of restorative practices and engage staff in professional learning and reimplementation programs. Our focus will also be to develop an implementation strategy for positive psychology principles in our Catholic context, which will complement the introduction of Polaris – our vision for faith, learning and life for a new world environment.

Connection – Dimension goal: To establish an agreed and overarching pedagogical framework for the college to improve student learning outcomes.
The 2018 NSIT Review into learning called for an agreed and sharp, narrow, enduring focus for school-wide learning improvement including key priorities targeted at improving student outcomes. As a result of this recommendation the College has developed a new learning ecosystem titled Polaris. Polaris aspires to cultivate a balance of foundational literacies, character attributes and key capability skills to empower young men to navigate an ever-changing world as compassionate Christians and ethical global citizens. Preparation for this shift will commence in 2019 in readiness for the commencement of Polaris from 2020.

Culture – Dimension goal: To embed a culture of high performance and continuous school improvement.
Throughout 2019 we will continue to foster a culture that positively promotes, affirms and celebrates education. This includes a clear focus on developing a strong collegial culture where staff have an explicit and shared commitment to the improvement of practice. This holistic approach to staff collective efficacy includes aligning all our leadership structures, Masterplan staging, professional learning, and timelines to deliver Polaris – our agreed narrow, sharp vision for school-wide improvement.

Community – Dimension goal: To foster a community of connectedness, sustainability and responsible financial and resource management.
In 2019 we commenced an innovative marketing approach to strengthen our reputation ensuring enrolment stability and new fundraising initiatives contributing to our long-term sustainability. This includes developing opportunities to connect with all relevant stakeholders (current families, feeder parishes, Old Collegians, the business community, the Marcellin Foundation and others) to ensure the entire Marcellin community continues to flourish in our constantly evolving world.