Principal's Blog - 9 February 2017

05 Feb 2017

Dear members of the Marcellin College Family,

Last week at our staff mass to mark the start of the 2017 year at Marcellin I led a ceremony to welcome our new staff to the College. I suggested to the staff on this occasion that every year, the night before I come back to school from the summer break, I always feel nervous. The butterflies flutter in my stomach, there is a tinge of anxiety and the relaxed state I had felt induced by the holidays gives way to an apprehensiveness and slight trepidation which predominates my thinking. There is no rational basis for these feelings and the funny thing is that they seem to disappear once I return to school and are replaced by feelings of excitement and anticipation at what lies ahead. I then said that if that is how I feel, imagine what it must be like for those who are commencing here at Marcellin for the first time.

This year at Marcellin, as with every other year, we have a number of new teachers and other staff who we are welcoming into our community.  I know that they will be nervous and apprehensive. I know too that not only will they be welcomed and supported by their colleagues, they will be recognised and treated as full members of the Marcellin College Family. There is no probation period at Marcellin. We don’t have categories of membership as some organisations do. There are no associate members or provisional members of the Marcellin Family.  From day one these people will be seen as full and equal members of our community.  I hope that knowledge of this fact will assist each in feeling at ease and at home in our College.

And so it is with our boys. Last Thursday I stood in the main courtyard of our College amongst 243 very nervous, anxious, excited and enthusiastic young men with their equally nervous and excited parents.  At that moment each of these boys became full members of the Marcellin Family with all the benefits, supports, resources, facilities, opportunities, challenges and responsibilities which this membership provides.

Saint Marcellin was unequivocal in his message to all those who educate and support young people in a Marist environment.  He tells us simply that we must love them and love them all equally.  So whether or not a person has been at Marcellin for five minutes or five years we are all equal in the wonderful privileges and opportunities that this incredible community provides.

I would like to officially welcome all those staff and students who are new to our vibrant and positive community. Whether they be graduates or experienced practioners or new Year 7 students or boys new to our school in other year levels, please know and be confident in one important message – you are all welcome here as full and equal members of the Marcellin College Family.  I join with our College community as together we pray that your time at Marcellin will be one filled with joy, hope and love.

I would like to thank all those staff students and parents who made the new members of our family feel so welcome.  To the Year 12 students and Pastoral Leaders who supported our new Year 7 boys and others new to the school on their first day, to the parents who provided hospitality to our new parents at last Fridays’ morning tea, to the staff who have acted as buddies and mentors to new staff and to the Marcellin Foundation and the MCCA who have reached out in support of new families, I say thank you for your generosity, selflessness and care.

I leave you today with the College prayer which was recited to our new Year 7 boys last Thursday.  A prayer of challenge but mostly a prayer of hope. All the very best to you all.

Teach me O Lord to aim high
and not to be content with mediocrity;
to set my sights on noble goals;
to have a brave heart, a clear vision;
to prize the things that are worthwhile;
to always have courage to choose the right,
to despise what is petty, to shun all selfishness,
to have a heart that is strong and brave,
pure and happy, docile yet courageous,

so that under your guidance and with your grace
I may at all times and in all things have as my motto:

Virtute ad Altissima

Mark Murphy

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