Principal's Blog - 27 July 2017

23 Jul 2017

Dear members of the Marcellin College family, 

There is a saying which I’m sure that we have all heard and even used from time to time – If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. The statement concerns me as its connotation is one of stagnation, narrow mindedness and perhaps, dare I say it, laziness. Henry Ford’s model T Ford was not broken, NASA’s mercury rocket did a pretty good job of getting John Glenn into space and Steve Job’s first generation iPhone was not a bad communication device. Imagine our world today if all these iconic products had not been further developed. I am sure each of us could think of many such examples of products, devices and innovative inventions which have continued to be developed and redeveloped over time. Why? Not because they were broken but because of a desire to challenge ourselves to be better, to grow, to continuously improve something for the benefit of others.

Schools are places that embody the concept of continuous improvement. Not improvement for improvements sake but improvement to provide the young men in our care with every opportunity possible to achieve their full potential. There is no doubt the original Hermitage building was not broken, a little bruised and tired but definitely not broken. However, there was an undeniable need to reimagine this space to provide a safe, productive, collaborative, inspiring, thought provoking and dignified space for our boys to learn in and our teachers to teach in.

Speaking of teaching and learning, these two endeavours at Marcellin are not broken either. In fact, they are alive and well in our school. That does not mean however, that we have license to coast along. In a world of rapid growth and change, of innovation and creation, of reinvention and imagination it would be irresponsible of us if we not continue to discern, explore and discover new ways of engaging and connecting young men to learning.

At this moment, Marcellin is engaged in a number of initiatives, which will enhance and improve the learning opportunities and outcomes from our students. Over the past few months as a learning community we have engaged in full externally led reviews regarding the provision of Individual Needs, Careers and the Colleges Resource Centre. Each of these elements of the broader educational offering of the College have all brought great value to our students over time. None of them are in any way broken, however each has great potential for growth to meet the needs of our students in a rapidly changing world.

These reviews have required a great deal of commitment and energy on the part of our staff. Parents and students too have been called upon to offer their thoughts on the future of these vital elements of the life of our College. I am, therefore very confident that whatever is put in place will reflect the views of a broad cross section of our community.

I look forward to sharing the results of these reviews with you and particularly the way forward in each of these areas as it comes to hand. I would like to offer my gratitude and appreciation to all those who have participated in these review processes. I am particularly grateful to Marie O’Brien (Resource Centre Coordinator), Roseann Spence (Individual Needs Coordinator) and Dora Karas (Careers Practioner) for their generous support of the reviews and for the passion and dedication to each of these crucial aspects of our College.

Rugby Tour of Fiji
Over to term break 27 of our Senior Rugby players travelled to Fiji to participate in a Rugby and Cultural immersion tour of the beautiful pacific Island nation. During their stay our students played three games of Rugby against High School teams, one being the Marist Brothers High School in Suva. They also spent time in a tradition Highland Village, playing Rugby against the local school team and experiencing the life and culture of the traditional highland people. This inaugural tour was a wonderful success and I would like to offer my thanks to the boys for the way they embraced all the sporting and cultural opportunities that presented themselves. I am particularly grateful to Justin Carroll (Teacher in Charge of Rugby), John Diano (Team Manager) who along with Nick Moloney (AP Operations), Adelaide Turner (First Aid Officer) and Josh Grogan (Assistant Coach) who supported the boys on this worthwhile adventure. I would also like to show my appreciation to the Rugby Parent Support Group, who supported this trip in many ways.

Mark Murphy