Principal's Blog - 17 August 2017

14 Aug 2017

Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

I remember as a young boy my parents purchased a new home and we moved out of the house of my birth. Initial moments of anxiety, apprehension, grief and sadness gave way to excitement, anticipation, curiosity and joy as we moved into and began to experience our new home. I witnessed these same emotions last week as our staff and students took up residence in their new home – the Hermitage extension.

I am very pleased to say that our boys and staff are now feeling very much at home in this new, innovative and creative space. Last Monday morning I met with all our boys and staff to officially welcome them to their new home. Below is my address to our community on this significant occasion. 

When St. Marcellin built the Hermitage in France his aim was to provide his fledging group of young brothers with a place of shelter and hospitality, of learning and collaboration, of prayer and reflection, of socialization and conversation.

Today at Marcellin we continue his legacy in providing our community with such a space. Our new hermitage extension and atrium are all these things and more. This is a space which not only houses learning spaces it is a place in which the spaces themselves speak to us.

They ground us in the history of the land on which this College stands. Significant lands of the Wurundjeri people who saw this area as an important place of gathering for 40000 years before we arrived.

They speak to us too of our Marist Heritage and identity and they inspire us with words from some of the greatest minds of our age.

Today as you enter these spaces I want you to reflect on how you will engage with this new creative and innovative learning environment. I want you all, staff and students to reflect on how you can utilize this space to enhance your learning and the learning of others.

You are the trail blazers in this place. You deserve to be. After all you helped design them. You have endured inconvenience not to mention the sounds of construction and now you have the opportunity to influence how these spaces will be used.

There is no restriction on who can enter this space and at this stage we have not created a list of rules or protocols for you to follow. My only advice to you at this time is that these are mature spaces and therefore I ask you treat them with the level of maturity and respect they deserve. Remember too that they are spaces for all, staff and students and therefore I ask that you be mindful of how your behaviours in this space will impact in a positive way on those around you.

It is my hope and prayer today that you enjoy these places as Marcellin and his band of brothers enjoyed their hermitage all those years ago in a spirit of brotherhood, care and support for each other.

Works will continue in the original hermitage building for the rest of the year and I ask that you continue to be as cooperative and patient as you have been with any disruption and inconvenience that they cause.

Mark Murphy