Principal's Blog - 15 June 2017

14 Jun 2017

Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

I was chatting recently with a Principal colleague from another Catholic School about the various demands of our roles. My colleague suggested that one of the differences between my role and his was that whilst his school participated in inter school sport during the week, I had the added burden of attending school sport on a Saturday. I must say that I found his choice of words quite surprising. I genuinely view our College's involvement in the AGSV and VSRU competitions as a blessing for me as Principal rather than a burden.

I cannot think of any other circumstance where I would have the opportunity to engage so freely and informally with the Marcellin College family as I do when wandering the grounds of our beautiful College on a Saturday morning. A privileged opportunity which allows me to engage with so many of you as together we watch our boys as they test their skills, build relationships with their team mates and our teachers and generally have a good time.

I am always humbled by the warmth, generosity and encouragement I personally receive from you all as we chat about your son's development, their hopes and dreams, their achievements and their love of our school. These mornings also provide an opportunity to speak informally about the physical development of our school, a topic which many of you appear to be following with great interest. So I thought it timely to provide a brief update as to the progress of these significant works.

Currently our wonderful builders, Kane Constructions are putting the finishing touches to the College's new main reception space and administration offices in Marist House. This contemporary space within the walls of one of the oldest buildings of our College is due for completion at the end of Term Two. It has been designed to provide a welcoming and warm first impression for everyone who visits our College. Most importantly it will speak of the history and identity of Marcellin College, leaving visitors in no doubt about who we are and what we stand for as a Catholic, Marist school for boys.

The new extension to the Hermitage building, incorporating a state of the art three story learning centre connected to the original building by a spectacular three story high atrium space is due for completion early in Term Three.  At that time we will move many of our classes from the original building to the new space to allow for renovation works to commence on the iconic Hermitage classrooms.

It is very exciting also to view the works which are currently underway on our indigenous garden which will be located at the western end of the Hermitage complex. This space which has come together through collaboration with the Wurundjeri Tribe Land and Compensation Cultural Heritage Council is designed to provide our community with an encounter with the rich indigenous history of the land on which our College stands. The space is designed to offer education, reflection and welcome as we acknowledge and celebrate the traditional custodians of this land. I am particularly grateful to Adriano Di Prato who has worked with great sensitively and respect with the council in the development of this space.

I continue to be grateful to all those who are working to reimagine, with great thought and care, the physical environment of our College. People such as Nick Moloney - AP (Operations), Phil Tankey - Business Manager, Richard Stringer - Facilities Manager and his staff including Gary Quill who have worked tirelessly with Montlaur Project Management, Cox Architecture and Kane Constructions to ensure that our College is able to continue to provide an appropriate working and learning space for our staff and students with a minimum of disruption.

I am very appreciative of the patient and stoic response of our staff and students who have maintained a positive and generous approach to life at Marcellin during the construction phase. I know it will be worth it in the end!

Mark Murphy