Principal's Blog - 13 October 2016

13 Oct 2016

Dear members of the Marcellin family,

Last Friday our community came together for our Annual Arts Week and Leadership Assembly. This wonderful celebration was the result of much hard work and dedication from a number of people. I am grateful for the efforts of Sean Kolednik - Visual Arts Coordinator and Matthew Thomas - Performing Arts Coordinator who were strongly supported by our Deputy Principal - Adriano Di Prato for their work in organising this assembly. I am particularly grateful to Sian Cameron – Personal Assistant to the Leadership Team for the many hours she devoted to ensuring the whole assembly ran smoothly and professionally. Below I have printed my address from the assembly. I also encourage you to read the inspirational speech made by the 2017 College Captain of Marcellin, John Patrick-Daly which is available in this newsletter:

Good morning members of the Marcellin College family. It is great to be with you today as we celebrate Arts and Technology week, announce our new Student Leaders and officially farewell the graduating Class of 2016.

As you are aware I have spent some time away from Marcellin this year firstly in Jerusalem and then travelling around Italy and the Mediterranean following in the footsteps of some inspiring and significant figures of our Christian tradition.

Today is a celebration of two important and unique character traits of the human condition, creativity and leadership. These attributes have much in common with some of the people I have been reflecting on in my travels. Of all the inspirational figures I came across in my time away there is one who perhaps more than anyone embodied the ideas of creativity and leadership. That man was St Paul. He was someone who did more to bring the good news of Jesus to his world than anyone before or since. More than this he was a highly intelligent, versatile and skilled person – a speaker of at least seven languages, a persuasive and stirring orator, a creative and gifted writer, an accomplished sailor and soldier and a leader who could inspire those around him in the face of adversity and persecution.

It is in a letter to one of the communities that he met on his travels that I think he gives us a clear mantra or message about the key to creativity and leadership.

In the first of Paul’s letters to the Corinthians he says this – Now these three things remain – faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.

To be creative as to lead we need faith. Faith in our ability, faith in the people around us who will support, guide and nurture us and faith in the God who has given us all we need. Another word for faith is belief. As creative people and as leaders we need to believe in ourselves. More than this we need to have a firm and unshakeable set of beliefs which will guide the decisions we make in order to achieve our goals.

Hope, I believe is one of the most valuable attributes we can possess. Hope can sustain us when things get tough. When all seems lost, when those around us doubt us, or more importantly when we doubt ourselves, maintaining a positive attitude and a hopeful outlook will help us to see things through, to fulfil our potential and to achieve our goals.

I think John Lennon was channelling St Paul when he penned the famous musical line, 'love is all you need'. To be good leaders and to live out our creative potential we need to love what we do. The greatest artists in history are so because they have a passion and love for their art form. The greatest leaders are those who have a genuine love for the people they serve. Love keeps us on track and ensures that what we are doing is motivated by a desire to make the world a better place not so much for ourselves but for those around us.

Perhaps the same mantra of faith, hope and love can be applied to our departing Year Twelve students, the Class of 2016. For the past six years you boys have been sustained by the unrelenting faith, hope and love of the Marcellin College community. I am sure that each of you can think of people who have believed in you when others doubted. People who gave you hope when all seemed hopeless, people who loved you unconditionally even when you felt you didn’t deserve it. I am grateful as I am sure you are to the many teachers and staff who have walked with you and sometimes even carried you on your journey of learning and faith here at Marcellin and I am sure that over the coming days through word and action you will show your appreciation to them all. 

Finally, as you officially depart our College these are my personal hopes for you as the graduating Class of 2016…

That you be men of courage.
That you lead good and honest lives.
That you stand up for what is right.
That you walk tall and with confidence enabling those around you to walk tall as well.
That you be faithful to your God given talents and use them creatively in service to others.
That you know you are loved and that you give love to others especially those in greatest need.
That you be brave and tenacious so that when you fail or fall you will be able to get up, dust yourself off and try again and again.
Finally, that you know that you are loved by God and therefore you are never alone in this world.

On behalf of the Marist Brothers and the entire Marcellin College family I would like to congratulate you on the many achievements you have made, the commitment you have displayed, the leadership you have shown, the care you have given and the faith you have lived in your time at Marcellin. I know that the entire community joins with me in prayer and solidarity as you embark on the most important period of your academic lives and remember gentlemen, wherever you go in the world and in life, you will always be Marcellin boys and you will always be welcome in this community. Good luck gentlemen and remember always Virtute Ad Altissima!


Mark Murphy