Open Letter to the Marcellin College Family

06 Dec 2016

On behalf of Gianna, James, Denise and our extended families, I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the extended Marcellin College Family, including the MCCA, for all the loving support after the tragic loss of our young man, Matthew Wilkins.

From the heartfelt condolences, the practical offers of assistance, to the support and love provided at the rawest of moments, we feel truly overwhelmed and humbled.

We are immensely grateful for the direct support provided by the Marcellin Family leading up to Matthew’s funeral. I recall Mark Murphy’s early gentle question whether we would like Marcellin to be more or less involved in providing support to us. We of course chose the latter, an easy decision because Marcellin was such a big part of Matthew’s life. I could never have imagined what would follow.

Thankyou also to all those wonderful people who made Matthew’s funeral and the following Memorial, although deeply sad, a beautiful moment in time. We were able to pause and reflect on a life lost too soon, but also celebrate what Matthew had already achieved and how he touched so many hearts.

It was lovely to see so many present students and many of the Class of 2016 able to attend, and we were honoured to have the School choir involved, including past student Kieran who sang Ave Maria so perfectly. 

We are indebted to St Clements of Rome Primary School for opening its heart to us. After the Memorial, we spent much more time than expected with friends and family. It might be a basketball court, but the atmosphere was just perfect.

Finally, we know that there are many people who are also grieving for Matthew including staff and students at Marcellin. We are so grateful for all the condolences directed to Marcellin from the many and varied people and schools concerned for their welfare.

Although the protective arms of the Marcellin Family which have wrapped around us so tightly since Matthew’s sad passing cannot shield us from grief, they have been a comforting embrace during this most difficult of times.

For all of that, we simply say thankyou and God bless you.

Stephen Wilkins


Eulogy - Stephen Wilkins

Eulogy - James Wilkins & Gianna Wilkins