Message from the Principal - regarding lockdown

11 Aug 2017

Dear members of the Marcellin College family,

Today the College enacted a lock down consistent with our Emergency Management Procedures.

Our initial communication via social media was that we had enacted a drill. We apologise for any confusion that this may have caused. We appreciate that some families may have been concerned however the College has a comprehensive approach for all incidents to ensure the safety of all in our community.

This lockdown was required due to a potential danger identified on campus. It was determined that all students and staff should be secured inside the building for their own safety.

In accordance with the emergency response procedures the College called the necessary emergency services to attend to this situation.

The incident is now rendered safe and the emergency services have returned control.

It is important to note that an no point was the safely of our students and staff compromised.

We thank our students and staff for their cooperation during this incident.