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03 Jul 2020

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Principal's Blog - 25 June 2020

25 Jun 2020
In educational literature, we often read about the importance of a holistic approach. In essence, education with a holistic perspective is concerned with the development...

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Principal's Blog - 18 June 2020

17 Jun 2020
The power of art is that it can affect us very deeply. We can tap into our feelings when we look at or listen to a great piece of art and sometimes, we can even identify with the image, the theme...

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Principal's Blog - 11 June 2020

11 Jun 2020
The last two weeks in the United States has been disturbing to witness. Coming on top of the devastating death toll from the Coronavirus pandemic and the economic and social consequences...

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Principal's Blog - 4 June 2020

03 Jun 2020
This week we celebrate as a Marist community the Feast Day of St. Marcellin Champagnat. These days are so important because they tell us a lot about who we are...

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Principal's Blog - 28 May 2020

28 May 2020
This week is National Reconciliation Week. A time when we ponder as a nation the injustices of the past and what a road map to a lasting reconciliation into the future might look like...

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Principal's Blog - 22 May 2019

21 May 2020
A science of gratitude has emerged in recent years as part of the Positive Psychology movement.

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Principal's Blog - 15 May 2020

14 May 2020
We welcome the decision by the Victorian Government, acting upon the advice of the Chief Health Officer to allow a gradual return of students to school...

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Principal's Blog - 8 May 2020

06 May 2020
The feedback from the parent surveys from during the first 4 weeks of online learning has provided great insight into the strengths and challenges of the College’s Home Learning Program...

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Principal's Blog - 30 April 2020

29 Apr 2020
As I have been hearing some inspiring stories from our Home Learning Program my thoughts have turned to reflecting on the extent to which online learning fits our educational philosophy here....

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