As a Catholic and Marist College we are entrusted with the mandate from St Marcellin Champagnat ‘to make Jesus Christ known and loved’, in the way of Mary. Marcellin College has as its goal a holistic education in faith and religious knowledge for its students. The Religious Education courses are developed in accordance with the Guidelines for Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Melbourne and incorporate the texts “To Know, Worship and Love”. This programme covers the Sacraments, Scripture, Church History, Social Justice, Ethics, Christian perspectives and other religious traditions.

Mass is celebrated on Thursdays in the Champagnat Chapel. The College is indeed blest by having Priests from the neighbouring Parishes coming to celebrate the Sacrament. Each week a different Religious Education class assists in the preparation of the liturgy and Houses attend on a rotational basis. All staff and students are welcome to attend these masses.

Game Changers

In Year 9 students are encouraged to join Remar, a Marist Youth Movement which forms young people in faith and Christian leadership. It is a voluntary program led by members of the teaching staff and involves activities with Marist schools from around Victoria. The regular meetings foster growth in faith and there are opportunities for involvement in ministry with people in various areas of need.

Christian Service

During Year 10 all students have the privilege of working within the Austin Repatriation Hospital which gives them the opportunity to encounter a side of life that lacks the comfort, security and predictability of their own experience. The program involves an extensive preparation leading up to the four day placement and allows students to appreciate the circumstances of others, as well as appreciating the challenge that Jesus Christ sets for us to live a lifestyle of compassion and service for those in need in the wider community. It also allows students to foster interpersonal skills and encourage social, emotional and spiritual growth.

Retreats and Reflection Days

All Year 11 and 12 students take part in a three day live-in retreat in their House groups during the year. The retreat provides students with an opportunity for prayer and time and space to reflect on the direction their lives are taking as they move towards the end of their school life and into the future. Students are also challenged to reflect on their Catholic/Christian faith and how this impacts on their decision-making and the way they live their lives. These retreats build on the Reflection Day program that all students in Years 7-10 participate in. At each year level RE classes take time out of their daily routine to work with their RE teachers for a day, exploring their faith journey in the context of their age and peer group experience.

Year 12 Seminar Program

The overarching theme of the Year 12 Seminar Program is the Search for Meaning. The eight Seminar Days link with and complement the retreat experience at this level. This program provides an opportunity for personal growth by developing activities which reflect the needs and interests of the students.

  • They are encouraged to look critically at their own generation, its world and its meaning within the context of a Catholic/Christian perspective.
  • They are challenged to consider their own place in the world, their values and beliefs and how these will shape their actions and attitudes in the wider (post school) society.
  • They are challenged to be involved in ministry through their chosen ministry option.


Marcellin College is proud to offer immersion experiences to the broader Marist community. While participants in the Remar program have the opportunity to live and work in Bourke, NSW, immersing themselves in indigenous culture and offering support to the local community, all students in Year 11 are invited to apply to undertake an immersion in one of the poorest areas of Cambodia. Both of these immersions challenge our students to stand in solidarity with people experiencing genuine need and reach out to the marginalised. Old Boys aged between18-25 are also invited to apply to participate in an immersion experience. Successful applicants receive the St. Marcellin Champagnat Award and are supported by the College to volunteer in a holiday program for refugees, the Three2Six project, in South Africa. An initiative of a local South African Marist school, this holiday program enables our Old Boys to share Christ’s love with some of the poorest members of our global family.