Marcellin College celebrates faith, life and culture:We believe that we foster an inclusive, relational and hope-filled learning environment that has the mission of the Catholic Church and Marist characteristics at its centre.We value the inherent gifts, contributions and uniqueness of each young man in our community as we make Jesus Christ known and loved.We empower each young man to follow in the footsteps of Saint Marcellin Champagnat in becoming a good Christian and an optimistic global citizen through opportunities to encounter self, place, God and the other.
Marcellin College celebrates positive relationships and belonging:We believe that wellbeing encompasses all dimensions of life within a Catholic community. We focus on teaching the whole person and attribute our success to a holistic focus on ministry, wellbeing and academics.We believe that a comprehensive support network is behind all young man along every step of his learning journey.We enable the development of social and emotional skills necessary for all young men in our community to grow, connect, succeed and thrive in a changing world.We remain committed to fostering a culture of learning that explores the factors that motivate young men to achieve autonomy, competence and relatedness.
Marcellin College celebrates diversity, identity and enterprise:We encourage our young men to foster their independence by using a contemporary vertical learning structure by accessing a curriculum expressed as learning progressions independent of year or age.We believe that all young men are unique, with each requiring access to an education program that is designed to respond to their personal learning needs.We believe in a learning program that promotes self-efficacy and allows students to show developed mastery via assessment for knowledge expansion and skill acquisition.We think beyond our front gates and offer opportunities for young men to participate in global exchange programs, in context curricular and co-curricular programs, online learning programs, work-based learning, diverse sport and arts programs.We leverage new digital technologies to enhance learning programs, encourage collaboration and create self-directed and self-paced learning opportunities for the acquisition of key cognition, creativity, critical thinking and enterprise skills.
Marcellin College celebrates partnerships:We believe in building a learning community that fosters partnerships with parents, primary schools, parishes, Old Collegians,Universities, TAFE’s, businesses and the wider community in support of student growth and life beyond Marcellin College.We believe to enrich learning and support the personal growth of each young man we need to strengthen community engagement via school-industry collaboration, mentoring, student leadership and voice, volunteering and social outreach. We remain committed to fostering a culture of sustainability, stewardship of the environment and responsible fiscal and resource management.We remain committed to creating dynamic, flexible and meaningful learning spaces, places and resources that enhance, inform and inspire learning and teaching opportunities across and beyond the campus.
Marcellin College celebrates high-quality teaching:We believe all teachers play a role in supporting the learning growth of all students in our care as course teachers and learning mentors.We believe in creating the conditions and culture to enable a continuously improving profession through the provision of high-quality professional learning for all staff.We are committed to supporting the growth of our staff as lifelong learners appropriate to their career stage.We demand high performance and continuous school improvement through effective leadership that is informed by innovative research and practice.