(Commencing 2020)

As our young men move through the Depth Stage of Polaris, they begin to exercise total control over the structure and key elements of their personalised learning plan. Designed to foster character, confidence and competence, our teachers and support staff are focused on knowing each young man and encouraging them to challenge themselves through being open to range of new learning experiences that aligns with their passions, talents and future aspirations.

To foster independence and self-regulation, at the Depth Stage we remove the notion of a ‘standard’ school day, and instead place responsibility on the student to shape their calendar according to the learning goals and priorities they have established with a Learning Mentor. Five “available periods” throughout their individual 10-day timetable provides opportunity for students to access services. Options include seeing a Student Counsellor for personalised wellbeing needs, forming a study group, visit a Careers Practitioner or complete a session with a Fitness Coach.

During the two-year Depth Stage each young man will have an opportunity to undertake a program review with their Learning Mentor to assess learning growth and progression and re-assess interests and course direction.

Each course at the Depth Stage has six fixed periods and one flexi period per 10-day timetable cycle. During the fixed classes core knowledge, skills and capabilities are delivered in class and online. The flexi period provides an opportunity for stretch activities, additional tutorial support, formative feedback and master classes.

At the Depth Stage young men elect from a range of compulsory and open courses, allowing for hyper specialisation. Accelerated opportunities are built into the course infrastructure in Mathematics from Year 9.