(Commencing 2022)

The Breadth Stage of Polaris promotes a fully integrated interdisciplinary learning approach combining faith, learning and wellness. At the Breadth Stage we aim to foster an enterprising and growth mindset within our young men. They will be curious, focused on the process of learning and value the production of high-quality outcomes through application, collaboration and mastery of core skills, knowledge and attributes. Rich and varied, the Breadth Stage nurtures positive young men who use their minds to respond considerately, ethically and with action to personal, community and global challenges.

Project-based learning is a further key element of the Breadth Stage and provides young men the opportunity to collaborate with their peers and to engage in real world problem-solving and design thinking activities.

At the Breadth Stage each young man undertakes eight future-focused programs over the duration of two years. Each future-focused program is made up of four semester length courses. Each course reports student learning against the Victorian Curriculum achievement standards, which includes an emphasis on literacy and numeracy acquisition across discreet mastery and assessment tasks. Each course at the Breadth Stage has seven periods per 10-day timetable cycle ensuring all learning opportunities have equal value.

From a breadth of experiences comes a greater awareness of self and potential, as each young man discerns his passion and pathway.

Breadth Stage courses are designed to build upon each young men’s natural curiosity, positive growth, self-efficacy and experience change.