The Br. Placidus Resource Centre is a dynamic learning space that caters for a diverse range of student and staff learning needs. Our centre creates opportunities for all learners to explore new knowledge, higher order thinking and personalized learning.

The Resource Centre serves the needs of the whole school community through:

  • assisting boys with tuition in contemporary information literacy skills that involve creating and interacting with print, web and mobile texts and information.
  • presenting our boys diverse ideas and information in print and online, therefore requiring young learners to become more discerning, particularly with issues pertaining to digital citizenship in a global world.
  • providing access to a wide range of resources to support the curriculum and learning.
  • assistance to subject teachers with the delivery of various learning programs for students.
  • having a well-stocked, relevant and contemporary collection of fiction and non-fiction titles that encourage our boys and the broader College community to read widely.
  • access to a 250 seat lecture theatre for lessons, assemblies, performances, meetings and other college community events.
  • being a welcoming place where the members of our community can meet, share experiences such as with the regular meetings of the Debating and the Homework Clubs, student coaching and private study and for informal staff meetings and gatherings.