The Society of the Little Brothers of Mary (The Marist Brothers) was founded in the early 19th century by St. Marcellin Champagnat. He was motivated by the need to support young people in coming to know God and in gaining an education which would help them to become honest and productive members of the community. St. Marcellin said that in order to educate young people we must love them and love them all equally.

Marcellin College is owned and conducted by the Marist Brothers and it derives its mission and vision from the Charism and Educational Philosophy of St. Marcellin. A Marist School is a centre of learning, of life and of evangelizing. As a school it leads students to learn to know, to be competent, to live together and to grow as persons. It does this within the context of 21st century education embracing current educational theory and practice.

The Principal is appointed by the Provincial of the Marist Brothers. The Director of Marist Schools Australia has delegated responsibility from the Provincial for overseeing the operations of the Marist Schools across Australia. The Principal of Marcellin is directly responsible to the Director of Marist Schools Australia.