The Time and Space program offers the opportunity for boys to connect with key people in their lives, either a parent or significant mentor. Many changes take place in adolescence and the transition through the Junior School is not necessarily an easy path – for parents as well as students.

The Year 7 Mother and Son Night provides “time and space” for mothers to connect with their sons and talk with other mothers in a similar position.

Boys participating in the Year 8 Father and Son Evening create an opportunity for the fathers and mentors to develop their relationship and become a greater part of their sons life through adolescence in the transition from boy to man.

The Year 9 Time and Space program explores what it really is to be a good man in today’s society through the boys’ participation in a series of evenings and weekend camp with their fathers or mentors. Known as “stepping up”, this program offers an opportunity for a small group to develop life-long friendships.