Transition and Primary Links

The Marcellin College Primary Links team implements programs that support students spiritually, academically, physically, culturally, and socially during the significant transition between Primary School to Secondary School. Led by the Transition Coordinator, the Primary Links team consists of the Head of Junior School, College Registrar and the Individual Needs Coordinator. Transition at Marcellin includes academic testing, transition days, parent and student information sessions, primary school visits by staff and Year 7 College Ambassadors, orientation days, an orientation camp, and Induction Mass. Transition extends into the classroom as students learn the Marist way as they begin their journey.

Learning and Pathways

The College has a dedicated Pathways Team comprising of the Head of Senior School, Head of Learning (10-12), two Careers Practitioners, VET Coordinator, VCAL Coordinator and Individual Needs Coordinator. This team supports and guides student wellbeing and learning so that each individual has a personalized program at Years 10, 11 & 12.

The Careers Practitioners provide career education and course information and are available to advise students on matters associated with subject selection, requirements for apprenticeships, entry to University or TAFE and tertiary courses and employment opportunities. Our resourced Learning & Pathways Centre provides a comprehensive range of careers and course literature and is available in the Hermitage building located near Student Services. The Careers Practitioners also coordinate the College’s work experience program at Year 10. You can visit the Careers Education website for more information.

Student Counsellors

To assist the educational, social and emotional needs of students the College provides Student Counsellors. Counsellors offer guidance and assistance to students and as necessary to families and complement the work of Pastoral Leaders and House Coordinators. The aim is to foster self-esteem, resilience and confidence in students. Pastoral care for students is given a high priority at Marcellin College. Teachers and especially Pastoral Leaders, House Coordinators, the Heads of School and Deputy Principal are also available for consultation. Counsellors may be contacted by emailing

Sick Bay

In the event of injury or illness students should report to Student Services for treatment and this must be recorded promptly by the staff member. Parents are informed immediately where necessary, and where it is impractical to communicate, the College Nurse (or school staff where the College Nurse is unavailable) will authorise the child to receive such medical or surgical treatment as may be necessary in an emergency or arrangement of an ambulance when required.

Food Services

The College has a canteen run by the MCCA. Lunch orders are available through the MyMC page, orders need to be placed online by 2.30pm the day before. The canteen is a cashless faculty, all payments are made through the student’s ID card, ID cards can be topped up through MyMC. The canteen is located near the Functions Room. Students are strongly advised to order their lunches to avoid missing out. Students should line up in an orderly manner. The ladies and supervising staff will naturally expect a high standard of courtesy from all students.