Marcellin uses a vertical system of Pastoral Care at the College. Each student enters – and leaves – the College under the guidance of a single House Leader and a single Pastoral Leader for his 6-year term at the College. Benefits include the rapport and positive relationships which are established. In principle, the Pastoral Leader:

  • Establishes a rapport with both the students in his/her care, as well as with the students’ parents.
  • Monitors and responds to students’ social, emotional & academic needs.
  • Maintains the primary ‘link’ between the parent(s) and College to address any matters of family/parental concern to/from the student’s teachers.

The system also helps students to develop relationships with those in other year levels, allowing students to forge new friendships and have a more settled transition. There are ten Houses and within each House 6 Pastoral Groups. Each House has six pastoral leaders who work within a team structure and with one of the pastoral groups. The House Leader along with the Pastoral Leaders are responsible for the overall pastoral wellbeing and management of students within their House. The House Leader is responsible for overseeing all students within their House, including student wellbeing, the House SRC and the House social justice issue and charities.

In addition to subject teachers and Pastoral Leaders, a student’s pastoral needs and overall wellbeing is also supported by:

  • Assistant Principal (Students 7-9)
  • Assistant Principal (Students 10-12)
  • Ten House Leaders
  • Student Counsellors
  • Transition Coordinator
  • Careers Practitioner
  • Head of Learning (7-9)
  • Head of Leaning (10-12)
  • VCAL Coordinator
  • VET Coordinator