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Years 7 & 8

Junior Years

Years 7 & 8 promotes a contemporary approach to learning, that draws on the Victorian Curriculum learning areas as well as an interdisciplinary learning approach, combining faith, learning and wellbeing.

Students study a range of subjects including Religious Education, Mathematics, English, Science and Humanities. Each student also experiences two Languages in Year 7, a Performing and Visual Arts program, as well as Digital & Design Technology and Health & Physical Education.

Year 7-8 2023 Course Guide


Years 7 & 8

“Our Curriculum at Year 7 and 8 fosters an inclusive, personalised and holistic approach to education, allowing our young men to grow, connect and succeed.”

– Laura Fordham, Director of Learning Culture (Years 7 – 8)

Years 7 & 8

A wealth of opportunity


Our learning program at Year 7 and 8 exposes students to a wide variety of subjects, allowing them to find and develop their passions in learning. Digital technology enhances all learning programs, enabling our students to develop as capable and responsible digital citizens.

We remain committed to a holistic education, providing our students with opportunities to grow, connect and demonstrate success. High impact teaching strategies are used, informed by data, to provide a personalised approach to learning. Literacy and Numeracy skills are embedded across all subject areas to ensure students develop the fundamental skills required for their future.

Core Subjects

Religious Education
Languages or Learning Assistance Program
Health and Physical Education

Semester-Based Subjects

Music (Year 7 & 8)
Art (Year 7 & 8)
Drama (Year 8)
Digital Technology (Year 7)
Design Technology (Year 8)
STEM (Year 7)

Year 7 students study an interdisciplinary subject STEM which is designed to provide the opportunity to develop collaboration and problem-solving skills. Real world challenges offer students the opportunity to become confident capable agents of change.

Reading Program

We recognise and understand the importance of fundamental literacy skills such as reading, a skill necessary for academic development across all subject areas. Thus, Year 7 and 8 students participate in a Reading Program designed to develop reading comprehension skills.

Students participate in regular one on one reading conferences with English Teachers and Teacher Librarians. Throughout the course of the program, students participate in regular testing to assess and plan for a continued improvement in reading performance. Engaging our students in targeted and frequent reading opportunities is critical to their development in, and enjoyment of reading.


Literacy encompasses the knowledge and skills required for students to access, understand, analyse, and evaluate information. Success in any learning area is dependent on a students’ literacy skills. Our Year 7 and 8 subjects, therefore, embed targeted and specific teaching of subject specific literacies.

Development of literacy skills allows students to become effective learners. All subject areas plan for, develop, and assess literacy knowledge and skills within their programs and use data to assess individual student growth. Development of literacy in the junior years assists our students to achieve their academic goals and continue to “strive for the highest”.


STEM is an integrated course that highlights learning experiences and specific knowledge and skills found in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Authentic problems require students to not only apply their knowledge and skills but consider the ethical and social implications of advancements in science and technology.

Critical and creative thinking involves students analysing, synthesising, and evaluating knowledge. They explore possibilities, consider alternatives, and solve problems using their reasoning skills. The ‘Design Thinking Cycle’ is central to the design of this subject, allowing students to work creatively, collaboratively, and innovatively, growing their autonomy, competence, and relatedness

Gifted & Talented Program

SOAR is Marcellin College’s gifted and talented program for students in Year 7.

SOAR enables high achieving and dedicated students to be challenged academically, providing a pathway that meets their specific needs. The program designed to accelerate and enrich students who share St Marcellin Champagnat’s ‘roll up your sleeves’ attitude, passion and commitment to strive for the highest. Selected students who enter the program have exceptional abilities across several disciplines and are highly motivated to reach their full potential.

SOAR is delivered through a rigorous curriculum in a stimulating and tailored learning environment.