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We understand that our young men are all at different stages on their faith journey. To encourage a deeper understanding and help to discern their individual path, we offer a range of faith based opportunities including Christian service and community outreach.

House Social Justice

Students respond to the call of St. Marcellin Champagnat by being a presence in the lives of others through simplicity during ministry and community service programs at the College and in the broader community.

To further commit to supporting others in the community each House dedicates time to teach, advocate and be charitable to Catholic ministries. Catholic community organisations that are supported include Aboriginal Catholic Ministry, Caritas Australia, Catholic Care, Catholic Mission, Catholic Social Services Victoria, Melbourne Overseas Mission, St Vincent de Paul Society, and the Melbourne Catholic Migrant and Refugee Office.

Game Changers

Game Changers is the new and exciting program in Marist Youth Ministry. Highlighted by a strong sense of community, regular meetings, creative faith formation, and service opportunities, this dynamic program forms your students to become faith-filled leaders and agents of change in their school community.

Game Changers has three tracks, each related to the concept of following a journey. These tracks are grounded in the stories of Jesus, Mary, and Marcellin. Participating students are invited to undertake the following tracks across the six year levels, with the focus on each track over two years

Led by a mentor, the Youth Group, explores core topics in the Catholic faith of Marist Charism. These include Jesus, Mary, Marcellin, Service, Leadership and Identity. These are some of the other offerings:

  • Youth Group
  • Regional Retreat Day
  • Leadership Retreat
  • Twilight Retreat
  • Solidarity Camp
  • Marist Youth Gathering


Faith in Action

In our desire to make Jesus known and loved among our students and the broader community we provide a diversity of opportunities for engagement in Faith in Action. In doing so we encourage our community to walk in the shoes of the other in order to bring positive change to their lives, and, equally importantly, to change the way we view our brothers and sisters on the margins of society. These interactions bring hope to the people we meet and hope to our community.

Young men can participate in Christian service programs, which include various Marist Youth Ministry groups, community service, a solidarity immersion to Bourke, New South Wales and an immersion to Palin, Cambodia.

Once they become Old Collegians the opportunity to support primary-age African Refigee children involved in the Three2Six Holiday Program, Johannsburg, South Africa.

We recommend Hope…Living Water to you as an insight into the many activities our community engages in to encounter the other and bring about positive change in their lives as well as our own.

Seminar Program

Year 12 Seminar Program

The Year 12 R.E. Seminar Program is an integral part of Religious Education for Year 12 students at the College. This Program has four components: Seminar Days, the Year 12 Retreat, the Student Reflection Journal and Christian Service. Seminar days are to be recognised as the Year 12 Religious Education curriculum. However, its structure is slightly abstract in that it aims to do different things. These aims are;

  • To foster a sense of spirituality in time that is set aside for prayer, reflection and discussion.
  • To increase awareness of the world and how to act and respond in the face of challenge.
  • To reinforce their Catholic faith and Marist values.
  • To culminate their faith journey at the College in a positive and engaging environment.
  • To provide a Christian Service opportunity.

The Year 12 Seminar Days link with and complement the Retreat experience at this level, providing an opportunity for personal growth by developing activities which reflect the needs and interests of students.  Students are challenged to consider their own place in the world, their values and beliefs and how these will shape their actions and attitudes in the wider (post school) society. The R.E. Seminar Program days involve students engaging with external presenters and working in House groups to explore their faith and elements of Catholic Social Teaching.

As part of this program, students are challenged to be involved in ministry through their chosen Christian Service option. The Christian Service aspect of the Yr. 12 R.E. Seminar Program requires each student to complete one College-organised activity in the service of others.

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