Marcellin College has a clear required Uniform and Dress Code. Students are to wear their uniform correctly at all times, both in and outside the College.

Uniform expectations:

Terms 1 and 4 (Compulsory items)

  • Open neck short sleeve shirt with navy braid on the base (no old style shirts to be worn)
  • Navy shorts 
  • Formal (dress) black leather school shoes
  • Grey/navy fleck walk socks (with shorts only)

Term 1 and 4 (Optional)

  • Navy trousers
  • Navy blue socks (with trousers only)
  • Black belt (with trousers only)
  • Navy College pullover (Years 7 to 9)
  • Maroon pullover with crest (Years 10 to 12)
  • Spectator scarf

Terms 2 and 3 (Compulsory)

  • College Blazer (Navy trim briad compulsery for incoming Year 7s)
  • Long sleeve blue shirt
  • College tie
  • Navy trousers
  • Navy blue socks (with trousers only)
  • Black belt (with trousers only)
  • Formal (dress) black leather school shoes

Terms 2 and 3 (Optional)

  • Spray jacket – may only be worn outside the classroom when it is raining, but students must still carry their blazer to school
  • Navy College pullover (Years 7 to 9)
  • Maroon pullover with crest (Years 10 to 12)
  • Official maroon or navy woollen gloves
  • Navy shorts
  • Grey/navy fleck walk socks (with shorts only)
  • Spectator scarf
  • Spectator beanie

Dress Code expectations:

  • Students are expected to be neat and tidy and wear their uniform with pride.
  • The Dress Code applies to students on their way TO and FROM the College, as well as while at the College and attending excursions
  • Whenever uniform is worn in the public domain, it must be complete
  • Shirts are to be tucked in at all times. (This is not enforced when students are engaged in sporting activities at recess or lunchtime)
  • Students need to ensure that ties, when worn in Terms 2 & 3, must always be done up, this includes the top button
  • Wear the correct black leather school shoes
  • Only the official Marcellin school bag is acceptable
  • Only wear their spray jacket outside the classroom when it is raining
  • Students are to have no facial hair and be clean shaven at all times
  • Students are not permitted to have visible tattoos


  • Neat haircuts are required, with hair to be groomed at all times. Hair must be off the collar and the fringe length must be off the face and not tucked behind the ears
  • Examples of inappropriate styling include, but are not limited to: tails, mohawks, shaven heads, ponytails, dreadlocks, undercuts, lines, shaved patches in the sides, no shorter than No. 2 clipper/combs and extreme high fade
  • There is no variation to normal hair colour


  • Jewellery, except for a watch and a non-visible religious medal (cross) on a necklace, is not to be worn with the College uniform
  • Jewellery including ear, tongue and/or facial rings (even when covered with tape), wrist bands/bracelets are not acceptable

The College reserves the right to determine what is an appropriate application of the dress code and uniform requirements.

Health & Physical Education
It is expected that students will bring appropriate clothing and equipment to the College on H&PE days. In the event of non-participation, or incorrect uniform, students must report to the teacher in charge with a note of explanation from their parents.

If student has a note from home, the note is to be passed on to the Head of the Health & Physical Education Department after school by the supervising teacher. If student does not have a note, the supervising teacher will inform the Head of the Health & Physical Education faculty.

Health & PE Uniform (Compulsory). All garments feature the College crest in colour:

  • Maroon Spray Jacket
  • Navy Trackpants
  • Maroon Polo
  • Maroon Long Sleeve Polo (optional) – new in 2019
  • Navy Shorts
  • Sports Cap
  • House t-shirts
  • Sport socks (plain white)

Sunscreen protection
The College takes great care to exercise our duty of care to ensure that our students are protected against foreseeable harm and variations to the weather and/or UV. For all major outdoor College activities such as the Inter-House Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and at all Outdoor Education Camps the College make the provision of SPF 30+ broad spectrum sunscreen available to our students. Resource lists for Outdoor Education also require students to supply their own sunscreen.

The College cap is an official part of the Health & Physical Education uniform. The responsibility of wearing the cap rests with the students and should be worn during any outside classes. Students are also encouraged to apply sunscreen prior to outside classes.

  1. The only acceptable trousers, shorts, shirts, pullovers, blazers, bags, socks, H&PE/Sport uniform, scarves and gloves are those provided by our approved College uniform suppliers.
  2. Students who are unable to be in complete uniform must complete an “Out-of-Uniform request” note and obtain a Uniform pass from their respective House Coordinator during morning pastoral.
  3. Students in breach of the College Uniform requirements and/or Grooming Dress Code will be issued a consequence, which may include being sent home.