Marcellin College recognises that the transition from Primary School to Secondary School is a highly significant event in the lives of our students and their families. With most of our students spending the first years of their education in a single setting, moving to a new school can feel daunting to the newest members of our community.

In recognition of this Marcellin College makes students feel known and welcomed as quickly as possible. Students are encouraged to make connections with fellow members of the Marcellin community in a variety of ways, and are involved in a number of key events and processes that aim to help them adjust socially, emotionally, academically and spiritually to their new life at Marcellin College.

Our programs include, but not limited too:

  • Strong partnership with Catholic primary schools in feeder parishes
  • Pre-Transition Day for students coming from schools as the only student
  • Transition Day in December for all Year 7 boys
  • Orientation Program in February, which includes Year 12 House buddies
  • A comprehensive vertical Pastoral System designed to foster positive relationships
  • Year 7 Orientation Camp
  • Annual Induction and Commissioning Mass at St Patrick’s Cathedral
  • House Lituries which occur throughout Term 1

Marcellin College also hosts an annual Transition Breakfast where we invite key members of various primary schools from our feeder priority parishes to attend staff professional learning sessions, each designed to assist with the smooth transition partnership from primary school to a secondary setting.

Stephanie Crawford, Speech Pathologist, presented at this year’s breakfast and talked about the challenging behaviours of students with ASD and ways in which we can support them.  For further information, please click on the links below: