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The role of the recently established Marcellin Foundation is to raise funds for the College’s bursary program.
By collaborating with the respective community groups including the College’s leadership team, Marist Brothers Australia, parent volunteer organisations, Old Collegians, past parents, friends of Marcellin, local businesses and others, the Foundation seeks to foster a sustainable philanthropic culture and a greater community outreach than would otherwise exist.

Our Charter


The Foundation and the St Marcellin Champagnat Trust.


Marcellin College Foundation Limited ACN is 604 346 465. It was incorporated on 20 February 2015. The Company is limited by Guarantee.

The Company is the trustee of St Marcellin Champagnat Bursary Fund. The ABN of the fund is 74 857 223 526. This Fund is a Registered Charity and has been endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) for tax concession status on Income Tax and GST and as a deductible gift recipient.

All donations to the Fund are tax deductible.

Under the terms of the Trust, bursaries can be applied either to the eligible applicants who reside within the area or on the basis of merit or by reason of equity.

In Memorium

2021 | John F Chubb – Alumnus 1964 Aileen Keane – past parent of five sons John Wright – Alumnus 1955 Terrence Sandy – Alumnus 1978 Francis Basil Natoli – Alumnus 1970

2020 | Joel Pacetti – Alumnus 2001 John O’Hara – Alumnus 1961 William Andrew Gamulja – Alumnus 2004 Constable Josh Prestney – son of Old Collegian Andrew Prestney – Alumnus 1985 Michael Sayers – Alumnus 1970 Br Aidan Smith – Past teacher at Marcellin Camberwell Dean Slaviero – Alumnus 1985 Anthony Aulsebroook – Past teacher at Marcellin 1975-1979

2019 | Victor Borg – Alumnus 1958 Tony Grieve – Alumnus 1963 Br Tony Paterson – Archivist Marist Province Centre Br Bill (Stanislaus) Dillon – 7/8/1929 – 9/9/2019 Br Des Hornsby – 28/10/1929 – 8/4/2019 Michael Coghlan – Alumnus 1957 John Bergin – Alumnus 1977 Bill Gartner – Alumnus 1962 Michael Colosimo-Minniti – Alumnus 2012 Br Brian Beggs – Marist Brother / Past Marcellin teacher at Canterbury Road Margaret Spain – Past Mother of five Marcellin boys Tom Cochrem – Alumnus 1966 Ron Davey – Alumnus 1967 Paul Coutts – Alumnus 1964 Paul O’Donoghue – Alumnus 1966 Michael Heagerty – Past Parent and co-founder of FOMPA Peter McNamara – Alumnus 1972 Kevin Mahony AM – Alumnus 1958 Sean Bolger – Alumnus 1988 Br Nello Facci – Past Marcellin Teacher 1994-1988 Chris “Chimpy” Mahon – Alumnus 1970 Robert Martin – Alumnus 1987

2018 | Peter Murphy – Alumnus 1972 John Briffa – Alumnus 1965 Marie Boyd – Marcellin parent, grandparent and wife of Jack Boyd ) JJ Boyd Outstanding Endeavour Award) Greg Breen – Alumnus 1992 Peter Daly – Alumnus 1976 Phillip Rosier – Alumnus 1979 Leo Kearney – Alumnus 1970 Brian Tankey – Marcellin College Parents Association President 1981-1982 Jim McKane – Marcellin Parent and MOCFC Treasurer 1995 Rev. Fr Peter Wood (MSC) – Alumnus 1957 Maurice Lynch – Alumnus 1957 Greg Shaw – Alumnus 1971 John Byrne – Alumnus 1960 Michael Edmunds – Alunmnus 1964 Arthur Owens – Alumnus 1961 Br Eugene (Peter) Dwyer (fms) – First Day Student – 1950

2005 | Mark Watson – Alumnus 1970


Reconnect and Reminisce

Saturday 30 October 2021 at Marcellin College



We invite you to join with others of your 1971 cohort in celebrating your 50th Reunion. This is a great chance to catch up with old friends, rediscover people you may not have seen for many years, and enjoy a day of memories and recollections.

Everyone is welcome and if you were in the 1970 or 1972 cohort and would like to be included, please feel welcome to come along.

FORMAT: A tour of the College (where you can see the extensive new buildings, the Honour Boards and grounds) followed by a ‘Drink on the Deck’. We will then move inside to be welcomed by Elvio DiZane (OC1971) and will enjoy a delicious two course lunch and all drinks. We will hear from others of your cohort who will take you down memory lane and there will be plenty of chance to mingle.

COST: $60/head which covers all food (2 course meal) and drinks (beer, wine, soft drinks, tea, coffee)


If you have any stories you’d like to share, or queries please get in touch on 9851 1464 or or

Also if you ‘find’ anyone who hasn’t heard from us please send through their details, and most of all remember to SPREAD THE WORD.

Please note that all reunions are subject to any Covid restrictions at the time



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