Our mission is achieved by placing the highest value on:

  • Spirituality
  • Education
  • Community
  • Social Justice

Education of young people requires diligence and commitment, patience and kindness. We value individual difference and creativity and promote self-worth, encouraging students to reach their highest potential.

Spirituality will develop where there is understanding of the depth of love held for each of us by Jesus and Mary. We seek to provide an opportunity for each person to explore their faith in depth, building on the shared faith of parents and of the faith community.

Community binds us together in God’s love, reminding us of our shared dignity so that we support, promote and foster mutual respect for all who belong to the Marcellin family.

Social Justice compels us to work especially for those in need within the human family, offering them the opportunity to develop their gifts so that we may grow together in faith and as compassionate human beings.