20 May 2022

Subject Selection Process

Claudia Graham - Director of Learning Culture Years 9 - 12

Subject Selection Process

Subject Selection Process for 2023
Students from Years 8 to 11 will soon start the process of selecting subjects for the 2023 academic year. Please note the follow key dates (they are also in the calendar):

  • Year 9 2023 Parent Information Night, 14 June
  • Year 10 2023 Parent Information Night, 16 June 
  • Year 11 2023 Parent Information Night, 9 June

There is no Parent Information Night for Year 12 2023 students as most will continue in the VCE program / subjects they are currently undertaking. However, they (and families) are encouraged to make a time to meet with our Careers team to ensure they have considered appropriate options for 2023 and beyond.

Final dates for entry of 2023 subjects will be communicated at assemblies and Parent Information Nights, with an expectation that all entries are completed by the end of July.

Outlined below are changes to the VCAL program with the Victorian Government implementing changes in 2023.

Year 11 2023 students will have a range of VCE options, the image below provides a snapshot.

Senior Certificate (VCE) Change for 2023
In 2019 the Victorian Government conducted a review of the Senior School Pathways with a particular focus on the Applied Learning (VCAL) pathway, its value and identity. The review identified 38 recommendations that has led to the reimagining of the VCE certificate to include a Certificate of Education – Vocational Major (VCE VM) within the VCE structure, implementation commences in 2023.

This major restructuring of the senior schools’ pathways, and the introduction of the new VCE Vocational Major (VCE VM) primarily is rebranding VCAL. The additional pathway, known as the Victorian Pathways Certificate (VPC), a non-VCE equivalent, replaces Foundation VCAL.

The VCE VM is an applied learning pathway that is integrated into the VCE. It is designed to be an improvement on the current VCAL program – we have been able to keep the best aspects and parts of the VCAL program, including the applied learning subjects, and enhance them for improved student outcomes by also providing the option to undertake some VCE subjects. For example, a student could select the VCE VM pathways and undertake VCE Business Management or Outdoor and Environmental Studies as part of their course load.

Students who might consider a VCE VM are those who enjoy and relate to applied learning, learning by exploration, and are looking to undertake an apprenticeship, employment, or further study (TAFE or alternate entry university). They may be learners that benefit from an applied learning approach to teaching and are keen to study a VET certificate as a part of their studies. The VCE VM is a two-year non-scored VCE certificate and does not generate study scores, scored assessment nor an ATAR.

The Victorian Pathways Certificate is also an applied learning program. However, it sits outside of the VCE structure and certificate. The VPC is not a senior secondary qualification. The VPC is particularly suited to students who have missed periods of school; vulnerable students at risk of disengaging from their education; or students with additional needs. Those who study the VPC in Year 11 and/or 12 might be heading into the VCE VM, work or apprenticeships. This certificate has been designed to be a two-year certificate tailored to individual students, is flexible in delivery and will cater for students who feel that VCE or VCE VM may not suit their learning needs.

VET studies will continue to be offered and can be part of any VCE certificate, though are compulsory in the VCE VM. VET studies are certificates that can contribute to the ATAR, though are also national qualifications in their own right.

Additional information about the VCE Vocational Major can be found on the VCAA website.

If you have further questions about the College’s implementation of VCE – Vocational Major or Victorian Pathways certificate contact Fran Davey – frances.davey@marcellin.vic.edu.au



Claudia Graham

Director of Learning Culture (Years 9 – 12)