Dear members of the Marcellin College community,

Recently I read an illustrated history of the Hermitage that was written by Br Barry Lamb F.M.S. Br Barry sent me a copy and it lays out stories of the Hermitage in France and its occupants. From St Marcellin Champagnat in those early days to more recent times, the Hermitage has been a place of gathering for many Marists, each one different with their own hopes and dreams. Br Barry’s book tells the Marist story – one that evolves and continues to grow. I was particularly taken by the last chapter, which outlined the fact that we are now a part of this evolving story.

At Marcellin College, we are blessed with our own ‘Hermitage’. Many of you will know this building as it is one of our newest additions. It came from our original building and was part of a major refurbishment and extension. It brings our young men together and it is a place where many things occur.

I am excited by the possibilities at Marcellin College. Staff are currently working together to look at how we can enhance what we do. Our College must continue to evolve and grow. We are currently working on some new initiatives and more information will be coming out soon. Some key areas include:

  • Adjusting our timetable to more easily cater for acceleration and enhancement
  • A ‘Faith in Action’ program
  • Plan and commence renovations and upgrades across the College that will be ongoing
  • Landscaping projects
  • A comprehensive personal development program
  • A 5-period day model
  • MyMC App as our central hub for families
  • Changes to our pastoral model that extends daily contact time
  • Answering the questions:
  • What does it mean to be a graduate of our College?
  • What do we want of a Marcellin Man?

Marcellin College will continue to evolve.  These are some of things that we are working on and our aim is to provide additional information to our families in the near future as we progress them further. One thing is clear, there is a rich tradition and history that started more than 200 years ago. At Marcellin College we are called to go further. We know that “being a good citizen and good Christian” is more than what happens in our classrooms and buildings. We aim to make Jesus known and loved.