25 February 2022

Principal's Blog

25 February 2022

Principal's Blog

Connect | Respect | Grow

In a little house in La Valla, France, where the first community of Brothers gathered, stands a table that Saint Marcellin built with his own hands. It was built so that the young Brothers could share meals, converse, study and laugh just like a family. When I visited Champagnat country in France many years ago, I had the privilege of gathering around this actual table. It has brought many Marists together over the years and to me, it symbolises one of our key Marist Characteristics – Family Spirit. At Marcellin College, it is important that we join together as community and gather around the same table as those early Marists did. This is more relevant to us now than ever before, given these past few years and how it has disrupted our ‘normal’ way of being.

This year, Marcellin College’s theme is to Connect, Respect, Grow. As we (re)connect after two years of flexible learning, it is important that students connect with all the opportunities that our College offers. As we chart a new path forward, we reconnect with:

  • our staff and students as we learn together on a daily basis;
  • the facilities we provide;
  • the challenges we face and knowing how to work through them.

Some practical approaches that we have taken at the College in these past few weeks as we live out our theme:

  • Introduction of the Homework Club in the Placidus Resource Centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30pm until 4:45pm. As the popularity of this program grows, we will continue to support this with increased teachers and tutors.
  • Our co-curricular program continues to grow with our Music Ensembles and groups reconnecting and our AGSV Sports Program connecting students across schools and year levels once again.
  • Our newly developed Faith In Action Program has seen our staff taking the first step and commenced the Bread Run which supports those in need. It is important that as a staff we connect with this important aspect of our Catholic School.
  • By now, all parents and students will have seen our newly updated Home Study Policy – please have a conversation with you son about these expectations.
  • Lunchtime Learning Support Sessions have recommenced.
  • Any much more.

Masks and COVID-19 Update
I am looking forward to seeing more smiling faces around the College after the Victorian Government announced that from 11:59 pm on Friday, 25 February masks will no longer be required in most indoor settings. While staff and students may choose to continue wearing masks if they wish, they will no longer be required at school from Monday, 28 February. However, students must wear a mask on all public transport to and from the school, so please keep them handy and in your bag at all times.

As we continue to through Term 1, I’m proud of the way many of our students have embraced the opportunity to connect or reconnect with one another. We can see it in the yard, hear it in classroom conversations and see it across the learning areas of our great College. Please continue to reach out and connect with each other.

May God continue to bless our great community.


Marco Di Cesare