Marco Di Cesare | Principal

Principal's Blog 17 SEP 2021

Dear Members of the Marcellin College Community, 

I joined this great community in 2021 with a sense of hope and optimism that at Marcellin College we will strive for the highest and be the best we can be. Although things have not gone as planned this year, our motto is more relevant today than ever before. As a community, we are being asked to be better in all that we do and as we finish the term, this is evident in how our young men have handled themselves. We must always be forward looking, with a sense of audacious hope of a brighter future.   

 Over the past few weeks, a number of staff and students at the College have been engaged in a rigorous process of selecting our Student Leaders for 2022. This is such a significant process because one of the priorities of our College is to ensure we support and help equip our young men to become effective leaders. To be a leader in our community, the Catholic and Marist context is all about Servant Leadership and there is much to draw on in our tradition that will assist our young men in their roles.   

Empathy for the experiences of “the other” is an essential teaching of Jesus and one which I hope our students continue to emanate. Saint Marcellin Champagnat also encouraged his students to be ‘good citizens’ and ‘good Christians’…and part of that is understanding our responsibility to ‘the other’ but also to one another. Saint Marcellin was primarily motivated to “make Jesus known and loved”, he placed children at the centre of his work and totally believed in the transformative power of education. He remains an excellent example to all leaders today.  

2022 College Captains

2022 Junior School Captains


As we finish another busy term, I offer this article from a social media post. Let us remain hopeful in the future, with audacity and hope! 




What if instead of falling “behind”, this group of kids are ADVANCED because of this? Hear me out… 

What if they have more empathy, they enjoy family connection, they can be more creative and entertain themselves, they love to read, they love to express themselves in writing? 

What if they enjoy the simple things, like their own backyard and sitting near a window in the quiet? 

What if they notice the birds and the dates the different flowers emerge, and the calming renewal of a gentle rain shower? 

What if this generation are the ones to learn to cook, organize their space, do their laundry, and keep a well-run home? 

What if they learn to stretch a dollar and to live with less? 

What if they learn to plan shopping trips and meals at home? 

What if they learn the value of eating together as a family and finding the good to share in the small delights of the everyday? 

What if they are the ones to place great value on our teachers and educational professionals, librarians, public servants and the previously invisible essential support workers like truck drivers, grocers, cashiers, custodians, logistics, and health care workers and their supporting staff, just to name a few of the millions taking care of us right now while we are sheltered in place? 

What if among these children, a great leader emerges who had the benefit of a slower pace and a simpler life to truly learn what really matters in this life? 

What if they are AHEAD?