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Faith Matters 25 November 2021

Game Changers

Game Changers

The Year 10 Game Changers group has been very active recently, participating in both a state-wide retreat day and a social justice project, the Run for Refugees (Kms for Compassion). As our Year 10 Game Changers group has missed out on most of their Christian service opportunities due to lockdown, they took the opportunity to participate on November 21 in the Run for Refugees to give back to some of our most vulnerable members of the community. The fun run was free to enter and the group members set goals of how far they would run, walk, cycle or skate before completing the activity individually. Overall they raised $1066 for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre which was an excellent effort! We congratulate these young men and their leader, Anna Bell, on the effort they put into finding a way they could make a difference in the lives of those in need.

Please read on the learn more about the Year 10 Lavalla Track Retreat Day, written by Nicola Lacorcia.

On the 12th of November 2021 Marcellin College Year 10 Game Changers group participated in the Lavalla Track Retreat Day. On the day we were split into groups with other Marist schools state-wide. During the day we participated in many different activities. We worked in small break out groups with other schools and all got to contribute our own ideas and then feedback to the larger group. Having the opportunity to work with other schools allowed us to socialise with and hear the thoughts and opinions of other students, including those of girls and students from rural areas.

What we got out of these activities was a better understanding of how to be a good leader. We also got a better understanding of Mary’s relationship with Jesus and how Mary encouraged Jesus on his journey. We did some activities based on looking at how Jesus approached leadership and how his rise to leadership was challenging and overwhelming at times. We also examined how Mary was a key supporter of Jesus and how she helped give him the confidence to be a leader.

Overall, the day was a great way to discuss and cover global issues and get a better understanding of the Lavalla Track. The activities were quite fast paced and engaging and kept us busy all day. We looked at some global issues about poverty and wellbeing.

It was a great day for our group to get back together as we had just come of lockdown; it was also a great opportunity to have a chat about what we did during the lockdown period.

It was so good to be together again. Even though the event was via Zoom, we still got to spend the day together and share lots of ideas and laughs together. It also allowed us to reflect on ourselves as leaders and think about how we can take these ideas and lessons into our everyday lives.