Future Directions

In 2017 the College will be involved in its forth School Improvement Framework (SIF) cycle under the auspices of the Catholic Education Office of Melbourne. This comprehensive four year cyclic review was first instituted at Marcellin in 2010. Having reached the end of this cycle as a College Community we will again take time to reflect on present reality and discern where we would like to be in four years’ time. In 2014 we received an external report and its recommendations have assisted us in informing the development of the College's next four year cyclic plan and associated annual action plans.

The following is an insight into some of the initiatives and strategies which Marcellin College will develop over the next 12 months in response to our vision, the review process and to the changing educational landscape across the five spheres of our 2014 – 2017 School Improvement Plan.

Education in Faith

In 2017 the College will join the global Marist family in celebrating the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Marist Institute. This opportunity will support us to explore how St. Marcellin Champagnat’s dream can be reimagined in our current context. We will challenge each other to find new ways to make Jesus Christ known and loved and we will continue to provide opportunities for community members to discern their place in the broader Marist world. The College will continue to develop more explicit links between our Catholic Marist identity and our current practices, and, in doing so, enliven our young men’s understanding of themselves as members of the Catholic Church. Our reimagined social justice initiatives will present one avenue through which to awaken St. Marcellin’s 200 year old dream in our lives today.

Learning and Teaching

The College’s Learning and Teaching Team continues to cultivate a broader understanding of 21st century education whilst promoting innovation and generating new thinking in how to best deliver the curriculum across all subjects. This has included the introduction of over twenty new subjects across Years 7 to 11 being offered to students since 2014.

In 2016 our focus was based on the theme ‘Designing Learning for Tomorrow’ as we reviewed our current learning and teaching program and planned for the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum. This work will continue in 2017 with an increased focus on assessment and reporting. We have approached the implementation of the Victorian Curriculum as an opportunity to redesign our current learning and teaching program including assessment and the use of data to measure student growth. It is an opportunity for us to redesign what we teach, how we teach as well what we assess and how we assess.

As a Catholic secondary school, our work in this area in 2017 is aligned with the new Catholic Education Melbourne Learning and Teaching Framework, Horizons of Hope in using new pedagogical models for learning and teaching to deliver a holistic curriculum. An example of this is the redesigned iEXPLORE program at Year 7 that builds on the initial EXPLORE program by integrating project-based learning across all Year 7 subjects in 2017.

A major project will be the continued development of contemporary learning spaces with reference to the College’s Masterplan. As we enter the final months of building the new Hermitage we will explore various classroom designs that will enhance the learning environment and allow students to learn in contemporary learning spaces.

Student Wellbeing

The College with continue with the implementation of a Positive Psychology framework to instil and foster a proactive approach to wellbeing.  As part of the framework, positive mental health will be a focus in 2017 for the young men in our community.  We will be actively developing strategies to enhance our culture of seeking support for their own mental health and that of their peers.  Additionally, the College will be working with all members of the community to identify key triggers and pressures affecting positive mental health.

The College will be reviewing key structures and policies to ensure our young men are supported to achieve their personal best both throughout 2017 and into the future.  Our focus is always on creating informed citizens and good Christians who can take active roles in our community, utilising their leadership, service and faith.

Leadership and Management

Upon completion of a detailed Masterplan and design process for the Hermitage Project, works commenced in mid 2016 and are expected to be completed for the commencement of the 2018 school year. The re-imagining of new learning spaces that will offer open and collaborative areas for our students and staff to aspire and interact in community.

The College is implementing a new platform, CompliSpace, to house school policies to ensure compliance and best practice into the future.

The College Foundation will continue to engage with our community to provide support for the Bursary Program with the implementation of a sound business model.

In 2017 the College will continue to invest in ways to build community through the use of digital technologies, in particular with the further development of the MyMarcellin learning management system.

School Community

Marcellin College is committed to building an even stronger community and look to the efforts of the MCCA and Foundation Office to assist this to occour. We will continue to build on community events such as the Parent information Evenings, Whole School Assemblies, Community Outreach Programs and Feeder School events. Parents will continue to have greater access to MyMarcellin and Synergetic as a way of engaging with their son’s learning and wellbeing. The College is excited by the prospect of formalising processes for parents to be involved in dialogue to support decision making processes.